Hayden Harnett Newbie question

  1. So I think I am ready to take the Hayden plunge.. I am really dying to get a bag.. any suggestions which one? Also I really would love to get one on sale.. I would like my first bag to be a sale one.. where is the best place and least expensive place to get one?
  2. you should also go to the "specials" section and see what's going on...at times they have a new item at 50% off and it's a great savings! i have the inka hobo and the salina...very happy with them!
  3. Claudia - it is nice to find something on sale, and you'd probably be very happy with whatever you choose - but know this: Go with the first thing that catches your eye and makes your heart beat just a bit faster. That will be the one. For me, it was the Inka Big-Clip Hobo. I've got one in every color but chocolate. I also have the Havana Hobo in chalk (which is a bit too big for me, but it slouches so nicely it's not noticeable), and now I am awaiting the Lorca Luxe in chocolate. I have two of their carryalls (plum and cobalt) and let's see... three of their clutch wallets (saddle, cobalt, plum). I love all of them (I haven't received the Lorca yet, though, but I know I'll love it) but the Inka is my first true love.

    Good luck and hope you can find something that pleases you and is also on sale!