Hayden-Harnett/ New fan !

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  1. I am so into these bags now after innocently buying one from Anthropologie. I didn't even know anything about the company but loved the bag so much I bought a second one today on the HH sale online. (a nomade in bittersweet)
    Any one else new to these great bags too???
  2. Beware: They are addictive. They didn't start their company until 2005, so everybody is relatively new. I bought one, and then within the week, ordered two more. That's the story of a lot of people on here, so again, beware. :smile:
  3. I just bought one on the HH online sample sale. I hope it's as nice as everything I've heard about them. I got the nico satchel in poppy red. For those already smitten with HH, is the leather easy to care for?

  4. Yes I just bought my fourth today. They have such a great variety of styles and colors that it's hard not to find just one more thing to buy.
  5. I can vouch for the addictive part. I had a Fendi Spy, Kooba Sienna & various other bags like Michael Kors when I found out about HH last fall (Thanks tpfers !!) Now I have a Havana Luxe, 2 Lorcas, 2 Ibiza totes, a Thalia, a Mercer wallet & various tassels. Today, I got the Nico in poppy & a canvas tote & I'm pretty sure I'll buy another bag before the weekend's up. I've looked at other bags since my addiction kicked in (Koobas & the like) but I always end up buying HH. The quality & details are superb & the leather is AMAZING ! My poor black Spy only comes out for holidays & funerals & I'll carry my cream Kooba some this summer but probably not too much. My heart belongs to HH. I'm sick, sick, sick !
  6. Momo - HH leather is amazing. The only one I've had any trouble with is my Havana in luggage. It's a really light color & I'm really tough on bags so it's got a spot or two. IMO it just adds a little character & doesn't really look bad. All my other HH bags seem indestructable. I got caught in a horrible storm yesterday & my black Lorca got drenched but when it dried, it was as good as new! I don't have the poppy but I just ordered one myself & am assuming it will be as low maintanence as my other HH bags. Hope this helped & I hope you love your new bag !

  7. thanks for the info! now i'm even more excited to get it...:smile:
  8. I got a Havana Hobo in tweed last fall, and I love it, but I found that the microsuede black monogrammed lining had some dye transfer to a soft leather wallet I carried inside it. I wrote to HH about it, and they said they hadn't heard of this problem and basically dismissed it. I would still buy from them again, but I'll stick with the bags lined in the printed twill.