Hayden Harnett New 30 Minute Specials

  1. So, I took a look at the HH site this evening, under "Special Offers" and they seem to be running a new 30 minute special. (The page appears to have been updated since the last sale ended on 7/9.) 50% off one particular item, limit one per customer. The Salina Pouch was up just now and prior to that it was the Gaza hobo in bittersweet.

    They also seem to have put a few more things on sale. The prices aren't anywhere close to what they were during the Big Bang sale but still . . . maybe worth keeping an eye on.

    I'd post the link but it doesn't stay up for me. I need to keep going back to "Special Offers" in the far right corner of their home page.
  2. thanks!

    the amethyst bag posted right now is so cute!
  3. Oh no, my credit card was just catching its breathe too.
  4. I just noticed the new sale page too!
  5. Yeoww, much more expensive than the big bang sale! Cute stuff tho!
  6. I think they just put their 30-min. special offer on the same page as the ordinary sale items (which aren't marked down all that much). They used to be on separate pages.
  7. Oh man! Here I go again...this time I'm waiting for the Mercer Triple in Amethyst I think!!
  8. I would like a Mercer triple too. Not sure what color though. I did get the Ana frame bag in the last sale. I took it on trips to New York and Atlanta and it worked out OK.
  9. oh no, not again, I'll never get any work done
  10. ^lol, I'm on vacation right now so I can't obsess over the 30 minute deals like last time..I don't have access to a computer full time :smile:
  11. I've been popping in and out of their special offer page for the last 24 hrs. and some good stuff has come up at 50% off. Might be worth keeping an eye on if you are looking for a Salina pouch or Nico or Gaza.
  12. I thought I read a post somewhere on this site that if you purchase something from this 30-minute sale and you want to exchange it for another color that you CAN do so even if the second color is not on sale. Can anyone confirm that that's true? Sounded kind of out there, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.

  13. No, that's not true. It's only if they run out of stock, they MIGHT offer to give you a refund or give you the same bag in a different color, but it's not a guarantee.
  14. I was so excited to get 2 bags I'd been stalking on deep sale on the Big Bang sale, loved both.

    I returned another and the fact they credited me in about a week meant a lot: it generates good will that will help keep me as a customer.

    I'm trying to resist another one on sale but I may...cave.