Hayden-Harnett Moss Green Havana Bag

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  1. Does anyone have this bag? I think I am going to have to add this to my list; something about it just calls out to me.

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  2. I just posted a code in deals for mightyflirt. 25% off!
  3. That is what made me go looking; thanks for the code! It brings the bag down to under $300. It really is such a cute bag.
  4. Search the forum for posts about this bag. I've heard mixed reviews. The bag looked funny to some when the put stuff in it and also had thin leather. I agree it does look nice in the photos though.
  5. I have heard mixed reviews as well. I am very tempted to get it and I love a slouchy purse but not at the cost that it will look funny.
  6. I saw it in the store and it's pretty nice. I guess as long as you're not carrying bricks around it should be OK.
  7. I did the search but did not see anything negative. Hmmm...still on the fence.
  8. BE VERY CAREFUL - I bought a bag directly from the Company, and it was defective. I have filed a claim with my bank because they won't email me or credit me back yet. I will not buy from them again or any of their products.
  9. I have it in mulberry and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bought mine from luna boston and used a toutie coupon-was really pleased. I read some comments about thin leather and that it loses its shape, but i still like it. When you sit it on a table, chair, etc. it is realllly slouchy, but on the shoulder its fabulous. I'd go for it!
  10. I am sorry to hear that!! What is their reasoning for not providing you with a refund?
  11. I have that bag in mulberry too and absolutely love it also! :biggrin: But every now and then I wonder whether I should have gotten the green or the yellow!
  12. Me too-I almost bought the green b/c it was sooo pretty. Yellow was out for me-I have 4 kids-1 pen mark :evil: and it's all over!!!
  13. Ooh... I guess you'll just have to wait until they get a little bigger or just get the green. I think it's such a pretty color and so feminine which is a little unusual for most green bags out there.
  14. I love the green too. Kooba has some bags in almost the same color so maybe I'll get one of those. Decisions decisions.
  15. I have the HH mercer satchel in luggage and I love it! The mercer is more structured so there's no risk of the weird lumpy shape. But it doesn't come in moss, only luggage, black, yellow and white. Leather is super soft!