Hayden Harnett...missed opportunities

  1. I'm so mad at myself...:crybaby: :roflmfao: I missed the hot tip on ANTHROPOLOGIE's Hayden Harnett sale...and I don't want the red 'pouch'. Anyone know of any way I can find out early about sales/sample happenings/Hayden Harnett clubs(hahaha)ANYTHING????Pathetic, I know...
    By the way, just wanted to tell you all what fun this Forum is!! I adore all the sharing and caring about our finer accessories that goes on here!!!!
    :jammin: :supacool:
  2. I joined Hayden-Harnett's email list, so I know whenever they have sales on their website (nothing lately)! As for other sites that sell H-H, I would imagine you could join their email list too!
  3. I have been searching like crazy for Hayden-Harnett deals myself. I will post if and when I come across any.
  4. Thanks, ladies...I will share the info if I find out anything juicy...until then, jonesing for HH continues...:shrugs:
  5. - Newly added sale items available on Hayden-Harnett Handbags & Accessories
    including: Nico XX Hobo, Gaza Luxe Leather Satchel (in bark only), Havana Hobo, etc...

    - Metallic Linen Mercer Clutch for $150 on Amazon.com
  6. totally join their e-mail list...Sometimes they have online sample sales at ridiculous reductions. same at Xmas time. Also I believe you get a %age off for signing up. (at least you used to)
  7. is it me or what?

    I went to the page and all the items are 15% off on haydenharnett.com

    but when i add the items to my cart the discount is 0...
  8. nevermind..all the prices are back to normal

    they really have to update their site.

    i swear all the items were 15% off this morning
  9. I just tried and it looks like their site is crashing now.... :sad:
  10. yeah I can't get on their site either! it must've been some sort of glitch and they're trying to fix it now.
  11. Yup, this stuff happens to me, too...I get so excited, then the discount or offer disappears...you can call, though, and at least get a straight answer from the nice people in the Brooklyn studio...I'm praying for a sample sale sometime...probably not for a while, though. Love that Suki bag.
  12. I emailed them and they said the items were discounted. Its over though, I dont see any items marked down. No more paying retail price. I had purchased an item from their line on another website for full price the other day only to find it on sale. Honestly this is the reason why I stick to LV. You know you'll never find it discounted, especially 2 days later!
  13. If you send an email asking about their bags and telling how you would like to get it, they might give a discount code when they the email. That is how I got my 15% for the wallet in plum! delicious!
    I requested them to not ever increase their prices!
    good luck!
  14. BPT2532 for 15% off at HH.