Hayden-Harnett Marlowe owners, quick question

  1. When converted to an arm bag, can it still fit over your shoulder? I don't like the long shoulder strap.
  2. Bumpity bump
  3. Oh wow, I had no idea the strap converted until you posted this! Very cool. I don't have the bag myself, but it looks like it would fit right under the arm when at the shorter length and hip length when longer.
  4. duranie70 had the Marlowe for a while. I haven't seen her around much recently on HH threads - but you might want to PM and ask her.
  5. I bought the Marlowe from duranie, I'll try to check it tonight if I can't find her pictures first.
  6. Thanks ladies!
  7. Yes, it can fit over your shoulder in the small size. The strap folded is about the same length as the strap on the Tokyo clutch, if that helps.
  8. Thanks!