Hayden-Harnett Margot Bag

  1. Someone tell me about this bag! :smile: I just ordered it in Bark from the HH sale. Am I going to love it or hate it? Can someone point me in the direction of some real life photos. You know how most of the HH bags look much bigger on the site than IRL.

    I love the fact that the bag has three different and very separate compartments. I took awhile deciding whether to order black or bark, but thought that the bark color seemed a bit different. I have the HH Triple C in black and the HH Havana hobo in chocolate.

    I can't wait for this new bag to arrive.....I'm hoping I like it. I'd hoped it would be a nice neutral color for spring.

  2. I saw the printed version of this bag in person at Anthropologie, I was surprised how small it was.
  3. Really?! I can't decide if that is good or bad.....do you think it is smaller than the HH Triple C? Comparable to the Havana Hobo?

    Thanks for the input.
  4. I bought this bag during the last sample sale. I haven't quite figured out how I feel about it. It is definitely very unique, and while I KNOW I love it from the front, I'm not quite sold on the sides yet. This is my only HH bag, so I don't know how their other leathers are, but this one isn't as nice as I'd hoped. I think thats just me though, not liking the distressed look.
    I DO like the size of it, but then again, I think some people's bags are giNORmous. This one fits all my stuff very nicely. Here are some pics I took for you real quick (pardon the PJs)[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  5. gwenjune~ Thank you so much for the IRL pics! That was so nice of you to post those right away for me. So far I like the look of the front of the bag (just like you), and the side of the bag still intrigues me. I knew the distressed leather would be different, but I think I want that. It definitely looks smaller than I would have thought it to be (darn those HH model pics!!), but not so much so that it ruins it for me. Have you found the adj. handles all that useful? I am hoping that I can lengthen enough to go over a winter coat.

    Thanks again for the pics so quickly.....you rock! :woohoo:
  6. hi twigles,

    you know those adjuster straps in the front have been one of the most flummoxing things for me. I can't tell if I'm retarded or what, but they don't do anything to the actual straps for me. As far as I can tell, they're just for show. Its strange tho, because before I bought it, I thought I'd read somewhere that the straps WERE adjustable. I wouldn't mind hearing from anyone else as to their take on this sitch.

    BTW, I cannot fit it over my winter coat. I was bummed about that for awhile. But I like the way it looks as a handheld better anyhow, so I got over it.

    You'll have to share if you end up getting it. I really love the color. Its a very versatile brown. I even like it with some of my black outfits!
  7. sorry, just noticed I mispelled.

    Hi TWINGLES!!!:smile:
  8. Thanks for all the insight. I'm super bummed to hear that it doesn't fit over a winter coat considering it is 25 below zero right now where I am. However, I did plan to use it as more of a spring bag, so at least that will help. Isn't that weird about the straps....I know that even on the HH website it says they are adjustable. Thanks again!
  9. Love it, love it, love it. Is yours unbelievably soft too?? I bought the Suki bag a couple months ago and have been in love with HH ever since
  10. I know it was said that the leather is distressed-looking, but is it soft at all? Also, how does it hold up to use - does it scratch and get dirty very easily or do you not have to baby it that much?

  11. The leather on mine is really soft, and because it is distressed, I feel like I don't have to baby it like I would a different kind of leather. I have gotten got in a handful or so of rain storms since I've had it, and you can't even tell the difference. The bark color is really nice too because its about the same color as most things that make bags dirty. All and all, Ive found it to be a very low-maintenance bag!
  12. I just ordered this bag today, I'm soooo excited for it to arrive.:yahoo: I have to thank all you ladies here on tPF for helping make my mind up about this purse.:woohoo:
  13. I would love this bag except the gussets bug me. I like the way it looks from the front, but I wish it weren't divided into 3 compartments! Or at least if it didn't show on the sides.
  14. It's a very pretty style and color.
  15. Congrats!! I can't wait to see pics!!