Hayden-Harnett & Luna Boston

  1. I've noticed that the prices on Hayden-Harnett bags at Luna Boston are quite a bit higher than on HH's website. I understand that Luna gives 20% off all bags, which would bring the prices back to HH website prices in the end. But that is not a discount. What do you think of this practice? Do you think it is a fair way to price, or do you think it's wrong. It seems to give an impression of a good deal, when it isn't really one. I'm not sure I like a store jacking up prices and pretending I'm getting a discount.
    I guess upon looking again, it's only on the Barnard crossbody.
  2. I'm a big Luna Boston fan but I have noticed that they price higher than other places on some HH and other bags. However, I often find that the 20% code still offers a better deal so I'm happy to buy from them. BTW there's a 25% code right now -- luckybreaks3.
  3. I noticed that their prices on Tano bags are also quite a bit above the suggested retail. I guess they assume that they will be giving 20% off most online sales, so they jack up their "regular" prices accordingly. This is a common retail practice. I dont like it personally, but a lot of people like to feel like they are getting a "deal".
  4. The Barnard used to be that price on the Hayden Harnett website, too. HH reduced the price earlier this year. I think you can find a number of sites that list the Barnard and the Suki at their old suggested retail.
  5. The Ibiza is the same price but they only have it in red. I have been looking for a site that is selling it in olive or black that I can get a 25%+ code for! Their Lorcas are also on at the HH regular price (ie not HH's amazing sale price from last week!).
  6. Luna Boston also does price matching at their discretion. I ordered a Rafe Bryce bag from them that they were selling for $400 something, and they matched the $230 price on rafe.com, plus they gave me free shipping (which rafe.com did not offer). They did say that because of the discount, the item would be final sale. HTH!

  7. Ibiza is a great bag.. I have it in olive... awesome for carrying around tons of crap!
  8. I so want that bag, have done since it first came out, but I can't justify so much for one bag, plus I rarely ever pay full price for anything!
    Plus I want the travel wallet to go inside with my ipod etc. Oh well just have to keep on looking...it will come my way when the time is right!
  9. I've had a really good experience with buying HH bags from Luna Boston -- I bought my Gaza Luxe Leather Satchel in purple from their store for $380. It was on sale and I was also able to apply the 20% discount code from Grechen's Closet. Shipping was free and really fast, and when I returned another item I purchased from them, it was similarly quick and hassle-free.
  10. I'm looking at the barnard, is it a good bag?