Hayden Harnett Luggage colour?

  1. Hi! Can anyone who has a Hayden Harnett bag in Luggage (I have the Nico xx) tell me how they care for it? Do you have to treat it in someway to keep it clean? I am fairly careful with my bags but I really wanted to use this bag more casually. Thanks!
  2. I put the LovinMyBags leather cleaner on mine. So far so good, but I share your concern. The leather seems like it would stain easily. I'd love to hear feedback from other folks.
  3. How do you like the Nico XX? Is it incredibly huge? Good quality leather? I just ordered it from Luna Boston in black and expect to use it mostly for traveling. Can't wait to get it!
  4. I have a Nico XX in luggage and I love it. It's big, but not unreasonably huge on me (I'm 5'5"); the leather is very soft yet durable on the Nico. It has small color and texture variations here and there, but it gives the bag a desirable casual and vintage look. Simply love it.
  5. Hi, thanks for answering, I am going to try that Lovingmybags. I really like the Nico, it isn't huge to me (I'm 5'4") and the leather is silky soft but not too fragile. It is a big bag though and can hold alot. The opening isn't bothering me anymore either, you get used to it and the tassels on the zippers looks cool. I was thinking of asking my husband for it in black for my birthday! Oh, I should say even though you probably have to worry more about the luggage colour... it is a really gorgeous colour and suits the bag.
  6. Kathy--I tried searching for the Lovingmybags cleaner but couldn't find it. Could you tell me wher you got it? Thanks.
  7. Kimmi - If you want the Nicco XX in black for your b-day try Luna Boston. They have it on sale for $440 and "grechen" gets you an additional 20% off. You'll save almost $200 off the retail price and Luna Boston has super quick shipping. (They also pack the bags well, not smooshed in the box like some online shops do!)

    My black Nicco should be here tomorrow!
  8. ^^Thanks to both of you!! :smile:
  9. Do any of you have pics of the black and/or luggage nico on? I'm more into the luggage, but I have so many brown bags I'm thinking of trying this one out in black. Thanks!
  10. Hi paelaf, my suggestion would be: for the Nico, a luggage might be better; but black is great for a Havana or Havana luxe. :smile: I feel that the Nico is more casual and the luggage color has more fit to the casual style.
  11. Paelaf...Hi I'm sorry I don't have any pics (I will try tomorrow as my husband will be home) but it is a gorgeous colour and like Ecthelion said something about the bag lends itself to the luggage colour really well. If you go to the HH website and clic on Nicoxx in the luggage colour they have two picks from Lucky magazine showing two models with the nico, you can not see the whole bag but it gives a good idea of how great it falls and looks. I also saw a pic of Mira Sorvino carrying the black and it looked great, I think I will get the black next because I love the bag.
  12. Thanks for the input guys. I definitely agree that luggage really works for this bag. I actually got the mercer clutch in luggage (I think so anyway...got it off of eBay so could have been a sample of saddle). The luggage leather is so amazing and it made me immediately want bigger bag in the same leather that I could carry more often...you know how it goes. Only problem is I also recently got the hudson satchel in cocoa (which is perfect by the way) and I feel a little crazy to be getting all these brown bags...even though that's what I really want. I'm thinking maybe I'll get the hudson hobo in black and then the nico in luggage. I'm not really that into the havana hobo for some reason...although I've never seen it in person. Ugh...why can't I just be happy with one bag?!
  13. I have a thing with brown too...I have a black kooba...then every other bag is brown of some sort :shame: ...I need to buy something white or a colour next ;) .