Hayden-Harnett Lovers-Ever put a Chameleon in a Mercer satchel?

  1. Hayden-Harnett Lovers-Ever put a Chameleon in a Mercer satchel? Love the bag but I want more structure. Would the smallest one help or even fit in the center compartment? Thank you!
  2. I had a Mercer Satchel but sold it (never used it). I agree, the bag is definitely very soft and floppy. I don't know if a Chameleon insert would help. I would recommend getting an Extra Sturdy one (I have 2 on order- a medium and large). I'm not sure if a medium will fit in the middle of the satchel though.

    Maybe a pursekeet would work better in this situation?
  3. I have put the small chameleon (not the extra sturdy, just standard) in the Mercer Satchel. While it fits, because it's not long enough, it kind of stands awkwardly in the center. I agree with JudieH - the purseket (or similar) works better, as it supports the side walls. It actually makes the satchel look nicer as well! I have a purse-n-izer (like a purseket knock-off) and it works really well.

    BTW, I measured and the medium and larger chameleons wouldn't work either, because the mercer satchel is too shallow. But I think for $10 or so, Kathy from Chameleon inserts can custom create one for you (maybe not as tall with some sturdiness built in)...
  4. Duh! Yes, Kathy from chameleon inserts can custom make you an insert. She made me a large extra sturdy in hot pink :tup: I love Kathy!
  5. Hi
    Chinsumo gave up with this modification to his Sonia tote... later discussion clarified that it was some sort of craft board (and not card board) and others were going to try it too stiffen out their mercer satchel...

    Man - top of my wish list in the upcoming sale is a mercer satchel in a gorgeous red tone color....preferably yam - but will take poppy!