Hayden Harnett Louvre - Thoughts?

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  1. Has anyone seen the HH Louvre bag IRL? I've been wanting a Triple Strap Satchel and was all set to buy one (from another site w/a coupon code) until I heard about the HH sample sale. Now that the HH site is back up, I've had a chance to look at their other bags and I'm kinda liking the Louvre bag. It's a Paul Marrot ed, which I am not familiar with. Does anyone own this bag, or any other by PM? Any thoughts? Opinions?
  2. Doesn't anyone know anything about this bag? Or at least something about Paul Marrot?
  3. I love HH bags, but I can't picture the Louvre bag. (on my way out the door or I would look!) Also, I think it tells about the artist on that site. I'll help you when I get back if no one else has. Bye for now...
  4. Just back and found the bag. It is in *extremely limited* quantities, so you'd better hurry if you want it. I just don't remember seeing that bag before, and I "hang out" on the HH site a lot. I also can't remember where I read about Paul Marot. I couldn't find it on the HH site, so it may have been in an e-mail that they sent, and I've got literally hundreds of those in Deleted files. In other words, I am no help at all. :sad: But I tried. Hopefully someone else can help you out. Hurry if you want it, because his bags are selling like hotcakes this week.
  5. It doesn't seem like too many of you are familar with the HH Louvre bag. Here are a couple of pix from the HH website. I was actually considering the Plum. It also comes in Chocolate, Black, Saddle & Olive. I can't tell from the pix if the leather on this bag is the same as the Hudson Tri-Strap Satchel. I really like the lining, however, & its shape. One thing I don't like about this bag is the shoulder strap. It's just a tan canvas strap that looks kinda cheap.

    The Louvre is from the Paul Marrot collection, who is an artist (from what I can tell). I'm guessing it's the lining that is his design, as he's not a handbag designer (as I first thought he was).

    I'm hoping that someone comes along w/some kind of info about this bag before tomorrow morning. If not, I may just play it safe and go w/my original choice of the Hudson Satchel.
    louvre.jpeg louvre2.jpeg louvre-choc.jpeg
  6. I can't be of much help because I've never seen this bag IRL, but I can tell you that Paule Marrot (who was a woman--note the "e" on Paule) was a textile designer (she made prints for fabrics, etc). The inner, floral lining of the bag is her design.

    I think the Louvre satchel is gorgeous. I love the unique shape. I seriously considered getting one in Plum or Olive, but I decided that the bag is too big for me. If they come out with a smaller version (I've got my fingers crossed) I'll get it for sure.

    I hope that helps a bit. :smile:

    ETA: It was a bit tough to find an article in English, but here's one on Paule Marrot
  7. I found the article on the HH site. When you click on Paule Marrot Editions under the handbag category, you get to the page with those bags and there's a little square to the left that says "about Paule Marrot."


    Oh, and if you didn't notice, the chocolate Louvre bag is on sale for 368 dollars!