Hayden-Harnett Louvre going back

  1. I just received my black HH Louvre satchel and it is beautiful, inside and out! But, and this is a big but, I can't wear it on my shoulder. The shoulder drop is so short that the top of the bag digs into the underside of my arm when I put it on my shoulder. ARRRR! I hate that. It is gorgeous. Does anyone else have this problem with it?
  2. That's my biggest pet peeve...when it does not fit comfortably on my shoulder! That's why I stopped carrying Coach, almost every bag barely fit on my shoulder...annoying!
  3. ITA!! I hate when a bag makes it 9/10ths up my arm!! Why don't they just give that extra inch or two???:cursing:
  4. I just got a Hayden Harnett off eBay - authentic, new and all that. But, yes, the shoulder strap is short. It fits on my arm (I'm not small) but it's a very big bag and if I put a bunch of stuff in it, it would be uncomfortable to have said stuff jammed up under my armpit. :shame:

    I am going to use it for carrying art supplies (flat stuff) so I won't have to deal with a bulge up against my ribcage, but considering how big the bag is - and how much leather they used for it, the straps seem off-kilter and overly short for the bag.