Hayden Harnett "Lorca" or "Mercer"?

  1. They are both on eBay...I can't choose. Black is always a safe bet, but oh....that Lorca lining!!! Will bid based on your votes - I trust you guys :yahoo:
  2. What do you want to use the bag for? I find that the Mercer satchel is a great every day bag, while for me the Lorca is more suited for an evening bag, due to the smaller size.
  3. I like the mercer.
  4. Lorca is really pretty!!!
  5. I have never seen the Lorca IRL but I have a black Mercer Nico hobo. The leather is incredibly soft! I agree with pseub, the Mercer satchel is the perfect size for everyday...
  6. Good point. Maybe I'll have to buy both! :smile:
  7. between lorca and mercer... i think i would pick lorca.
  8. Both are wonderful bags but in my mind it would be strictly based on size need. A Mercer can hold it ALL. A Lorca can hold SOME but not all. You really need both...:p

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