Hayden Harnett Lorca or Mercer Clutch?

  1. Oh, yet another HH question. I'm trying to decide between the Lorca in Plum or Saddle or the Mercer Clutch in Ink or Amethyst. I already have the Havana in Choc and the Inka in Black. I only have about 200.00 to spend...which one would you get? Does anyone have any pictures? Or should I just get a digital camera:confused1:? I've been thinking about it all day and want to move on...someone help me out! Thanks :smile:
  2. i most want the lorca in plum. i have the plum inka, and the color is great. also, i don't like how stuff can easily fall out of the mercer... it is bigger, tho.
  3. The mercer is bigger than the lorca?
  4. I vote Lorca in saddle! Love the color...super versatile and I think the Lorca style is so chic! :yes: But then again, I also adore that plum...Maybe get the neutral saddle if you need a practical, staple type bag and the plum if you have lots of neutral toned bags and would like to venture into color? But then the amethyst is gorgeous too and they have one on eBay at a low bid...Hmmm...I'm no help, lol. Probably because I too want them all! ;)
  5. If you go to the HH website, you can click on the option to see all bags from biggest to smallest or vice versa. I don't know how accurate it is (it put the Nico as a smaller bag than the Havana?) but it was kind of helpful to me when I was shopping for my first HH bag!
  6. Thanks GlamourGirl! You sound like me...they all sound great! I've been trying to decide (non-stop...even while I was falling asleep)which one to get. I will go to the HH site and do the small-big thing. Thanks :smile:
  7. Alrighty, I just got the Lorca saddle :smile:

  8. you probably figured this out by now but...
    mercer satchel > lorca > mercer clutch

    congrats on your saddle lorca! something in plum/amethyst/prune is my next HH target, but i'm trying to hold out until the fall stuff rolls out!!
  9. I cannot WAIT for the fall/winter stuff! I'm in the process of making my "wish lists" for the new season (and it's the middle of June! ;))

    Congrats on the Lorca Saddle! I think you'll love it!
  10. Thanks! I'm still thinking about the Lorca in Plum though. I wish they had it in Cobalt...i would have definitely picked that color. Jandelvis...thanks for checking out my blog too :smile: Have a great weekend all!
  11. oh yeah... i was at work, trying to hide what i was looking at, so i missed that it was the clutch :push: