Hayden-Harnett Lorca in Saddle $139.99 @ plaza too

  1. They show the tassel with the bag, I wonder if it's included :supacool:
  2. Great shoes for sale! Free shipping.
  3. Great price for an awesome bag. But IRL the color is def. more yellow than in the picture.
  4. I have this purse. LOVE IT~! I think the color is pretty accurate in the picture. At least, it looks very close to the purse I have. I've heard there could be variations in the colors. That's a great price for a fabulous bag! I only wish it were a little taller. If it were, I would have it in several colors but I need a bigger bag for everyday use.
  5. I ordered a bag from there last night thanks! However, now it is no longer online, I am worried since it sold out, I am wondering - do they cancel a lot? Should I expect a sad "your order has been cancelled" notice? I have never ordered from them, how are they with that stuff?
  6. I had the Lorca saddle and the color of mine was very similar to the one in the picture too...
  7. OMG what a deal. I did not know about this site. thanks for the post.
  8. OMG great deals on shoes as well. I have 4 in my shopping cart and I am not done searching the site.
  9. Canceled:crybaby:
  10. Ordered this and a pair of Juicy Rose flats... Just got two separate emails saying they are both no longer available. One email even said that they left me a message about the items not being available, however I'm staring at my phone and there are no missed calls and no messages. Awesome.
  11. Which bag? The Lorca or the hobo?
  12. Ooh... Sorry I didn't clarify. The Lorca.
  13. Hmm, weird, I contacted them about the tassel and the person who got back to me said they had quite a few left. Sorry you got the email saying they were out :sad: