Hayden Harnett lorca: how big is it?

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  1. I want a nice bag I can bring to my interview. It seems dressy enough, and I really like it. I'd need my wallet, keys, phone, glasses case, perhaps a small notepad...would those things fit? the leather seems soft enough to be forgiving. any pics/advice helpful, thanks!
  2. Hey, I love the Lorca and its a great little bag to carry around "the essentials" but I wouldnt take mine to an interview. I mean...Its sexy, flirty and feminine and an all around wonderful bag but I think something a little more polished might be a better option. Just my opinion, though...others might think differently
  3. I respectfully disagree. The lorca, in a neutral without a tassel, would make a very nice interview bag. It is a simple shape with subdued and classic hardware.

    I should add that you could still dress her up for a night on the town.
  4. I don't have a lorca but I did borrow my friend's once and believe you can fit the items you described. I also happen to know she did bring her lorca to a job interview.
  5. I think it actually depends on what you are interviewing for. For instance, if I am interviewing for a position at a law firm, I probably would not use the Lorca. PR firm? Then, yes. Just depends on the industry imo.
  6. I would say it depends on the color. A black leather bag is usually acceptable in most formal situations. Of course the job you are interviewing for also plays a very big part! I always carry a small black simple Furla to interviews that holds the essentials. If I had a black Lorca I'd consider carrying it. Chocolate would also be OK if you were wearing matching color shoes I think.
    I don't really consider my Saddle Lorca to be sexy or flirty! It's casual but still grown-up, and it's relaxed/neutral enough to make a good weekend bag without becoming too slouchy. I don't feel it is formal enough for work though.
    It would definitely fit all the things you want to carry anyway. I even carry an umbrella in mine and it's not one of the super tiny ones.
  7. thanks for the advice!

    say for a medical school interview, do you think it's okay? I would get grey, not some bright crazy color.
  8. I think a gray Lorca would be perfectly acceptable for a medical school interview.