hayden-harnett Lorca Bag

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  1. I received my new Mulberry Lorca bag, and within 10 minutes the turnlock closure broke! It was a very cute bag, but I sent it back already. I don't want to try again; I feel this is not very good! They were very nice via email, but I have never been able to reach anyone there by phone, and I just don't want to deal with the company now.

    The guy said they have already switched manufacturers - guess there were other problems - he said some were good; some were bad! I had problems with that type of closure on another bag as well.
  2. Misslola, that sucks! I'm sorry to hear that. :sad: It definitely sounds like HH needs to figure out some quality control issues before they can make it in the bigtime!

    Typically, I'm with you. If I have problems with a bag, I typically ever go back. It has to be something fantastic to make me deal with the company again.

    I am sure you will find another bag from someone else with your name written all over it soon! Hope you feel better!
  3. That sucks, but thanks for the heads-up!
  4. Yes! Good to know.
  5. Thanks for the very good info! Good thing since I was perusing their website last night.
  6. Thanks for the support. You guys are the best. I'm thinking Bulga!
  7. Oh no, that sucks for you and for me. I really like the bag. But you know what? I understand once bitten twice shy, it's hard to entrust them again, but they are a very new company, they have just started doing this designing and producing business not long ago, maybe we should give them another chance. I know where they order their bags, it's not easy to monitor the quality. Just like some of our fellow members who had problems even with super high end bags like the Fendi Spy bag.
  8. So sorry for you I know that is such a dissapointment as it is such an unuswal color. I love it too. Thanks for letting us know about the problems!
  9. KK, I hear you. I have an HH and have had no problems. It's not a Lorca, it's a havana. I am sure every other purse company out there has had run-ins with improper quality control and bad suppliers. It's just part of the business. The reality is though, if it were me and the same thing happened, I probably wouldn't buy from them again either.
  10. how do you like your havana? i'm thinking of getting one.
  11. I absolutely LOVE it!!!! No quality issues, except for the fact that I didn't know leather could be that soft. It's my wonderful slouchy bag. I know that some people found it too free-form, but it's been wonderful for me. I think I love it more than my Spy. Plus the fact that I didn't pay an arm and a leg for it enables me to really enjoy it. I love the Pucci type satin interior. I think it's a really well made bag.

    If you want a lot of structure to your bags, then this is not the bag for you. But if you want something free form and moves with you, this is more it. I think I am also more forgiving of its nuances because I pay so much less for it than anything else.
  12. i much prefer slouchy bags, so this one sounds perfect for me! i think i'll get one in white because then if it gets dirty, at least i didn't spend 2 grand on it!
  13. I so know what you mean. It's really pain to have something like that happen to an expensive bag. I like the white a lot and for some reason, I really like the yellow too, which normally I despise. If you fill out their survey, you get 15% off also. So it was nice to get this bag for a standard small coach bag.

    I still have high hopes for the company, but clearly they need to work some issues out with the metalwork, but personally, I thought the stitching on the leather was very well done.
  14. you know, it's odd that you say that, because i really like the yellow too! it's quite subdued for yellow, i think, but still funky.
  15. That's such a perfect way to describe it! Subdued yet funky. Definitely digging that color. If you do decide getting it, let me know how it works out and in what color. I am thinking about getting Suzy's bag that she just got from HH. It's pretty fresh.