Hayden Harnett linings/leather (Hudson bags)

  1. I just received my new HH Hudson Triple Strap Satchel, in smoke blue today.

    I'm really lovin the bag! It's even more gorgeous than pictured! I just have a question about the lining. Has HH recently changed the linings in the Hudson series? Do they change the linings from season to season? When I previously saw the lining of this bag (in pix on both eBay and TPF), it was a lighter colored canvas w/the HH signature print. This bag has a darker color lining w/the HH signature print. The color is nearly the same as the bag. Is this an older bag maybe?

    I was also wondering what owners of this bag (and the Hudson hobo) thought about the smell of the leather. I find it has a little bit of a chemical-like smell. I'm thinking it has something to do with the dye and leather combination(?). It doesn't have the "yummy" leather smell (like the tassel I bought from HH during the sample sale).

    I'm not thinking that this is a fake bag - I haven't ever seen a fake HH or even heard much about them, and personally, I don't think HH is "big" enough to be faked right now. But I am curious about the lining. I really love the bag. It's the perfect size & shape for me, and the leather is really gorgeous. Diff from what I had thought it would be - I bought a change purse during the SS & that leather was a little more "raw", but I find that the leather on the Triple Strap is a little more glossy & finished. Actually, I think it's better as I think it can hold up better and withstand wear better than leathers that are more raw.

    Any thoughts?
    hh-inside.jpg hh-lining.jpg
  2. I have the same bag, but in the vachetta color. My lining is the beige with light olive logo. Maybe, they match the lining with the bag color? The smell of the leather didn't seem unusual to me, but I don't usually pay attention to that.
  3. No - I've seen this same bag posted on TPF w/the lighter lining. That's why I questioned it.
  4. Honestly, I like the darker lining. That was the one thing I didn't like about this bag when I saw pix of it - the lighter colored lining. So, I'm happy that it's darker. I was just surprised becuz every one I've seen has the lighter lining.
  5. Has anyone here seen the darker colored lining? Please don't tell me I have another "questionable" bag in my possession! That would be 2 in one week and I don't think I can handle that!
  6. The lining of my HH (Black) Nico is black with the same HH signature pattern as yours. Mine is from Luna Boston so it is definitely authentic.
  7. How long ago did you get it? I saw one posted on the TPF back in Dec (billysmom - I think), and it sure looks like her lining was a lighter color. Maybe it was just the lining, or becuz it was a closeup, but it didn't look as dark as mine. I highly doubt that it's fake. Everything about it is way too nice & I haven't really heard anything about fake HH bags. I was just surprised about the color of the lining (altho I actually like it better - I prefer a darker lining. They're easier to keep clean!
  8. I think every HH bag I have has a different lining.
  9. Sorry - I should have been more clear. The bag that billysmom posted pics of was the same bag I just got today - The Triple Strap in Smoke Blue. That's why I wondered if the linings may have changed by season, or something.

    gina - do you have a bag from the Hudson series?
  10. I bought it in late February of this year. I agree with you, I like the dark lining. Your bag is really nice! I wouldn't worry too much about it. I haven't read anything about fake HH bags.
  11. Nah- I'm not worried about it, just curious. But you know, now that I look at those pics again, it could just be the lighting and/or the flash on the camera that makes the lining appear lighter than it really it is

    If you don't mind my asking, did your bag have a stronger smell to it? I can definitely smell the leather of this bag, but it does seem to have a "chemical-like" scent to it. I still think it might be the combination of the leather and the dye. It's not too bad, but it's not that yummy leather smell (like a Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs or even an Isabella Fiore)
  12. ^Yes, it looks like the lighting that is making billysmom's lining look lighter than yours. It looks like it was taken in sunlight.

    Actually my Gaza Luxe Satchel does have a strong smell like you described. And that one is directly from the Hayden-Harnett website (I just got it last week.) I don't know why my Nico does not have the same smell. Perhaps different kinds of leathers or colors?