Hayden Harnett leather care

  1. Okay- so I am just thrilled: I just got my first HH- its a havana hobo in a lovely green color. The leather is absolutely TDF. Question for all you HH people- what is the best way to protect the leather? Should I use a spray leather protectant? This bag is going to be my everyday, go-to bag and I want to keep it nice as long as possible. What's the best way to treat it? Condition it? Has anyone asked the lovely people over at HH the best way to do these things? Thanks a million:smile:
  2. HH told me to use the coach leather products. Their website says to use any high quality leather products. You could always email them, too, with any specific questions - they will get back to you.
  3. Thanks Kathleen- I emailed last night, so hopefully they'll get in touch today. Just wanted to take care of it before I start using it regularly. Thanks:smile:
  4. I used apple care conditioner.. and then sprayed it with some good quality leather spray protectant that I picked up at a shoe store, i was scared the conditioner would darken the leather but it hasn't at all
  5. Thanks so much for the tips. I still haven't heard back from HH- guess I'll give them a phone call. Did pick up some leather protectant from Cole Haan today- figure that will probably be fine- but would rather someone at HH tell me so.
  6. The designers may not necessarily be expert in leather care.

    lovingmybags.com makes a protectant specifically for this type of "naked" leather. I got it for my MJ Teri bag.
  7. Kitskats- thanks so much for the hint. I'm going to look at the site right now!
  8. Ooops- repeat post!
  9. Just one correction: the site is lovinmybags.com (no "g"). Their stuff is terrific.
  10. Thanks Kathy! Question for Kathy and others: have you used the Lovin My Bags products on HH bags? Did you get the starter kit? Which products are the best? Please dish:smile: I'm going to order some of it tonight and want to get the right stuff.
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    seems like my accident prone self and others here would like more feedback on this topic!
  12. Thanks for bumping this! I tried to find this earlier today, but I didn't see it.
  13. I got the lovinmybags starter kit and have used it for all my HHs. When I used it on my vintage black mercer satchel, it kind of freaked me out, because it looks like a lot of black shows up on the cloth, but it truly wasn't that much and satchel has held up even in the rain here (and we get a lot!)....

    Apple care works well too....
  14. I had some mysterious looking black spots on the bottom of my HH Havana (Choco). It looks like ink. I'm always really careful wear I set it too. I wonder if I should use my Coach leather cleaner on it. I should have put protector on it when I got it!
  15. audball67, I can't seem to find the Starter kit on lovingmybags.com - do you have a link?