Hayden Harnett -- Labor Day Sale

  1. Hi! Does anyone know when the online sale is supposed to start? Anxiously awaiting...
  2. I don't know but, I'm with you. I can't wait. And, I still haven't worn, at least, 2 HH purses I have!
  3. Haha - I know! I think there are like three I have used only once...but I still can't wait to get more! I am hoping it starts mid-week or so.
  4. I am waiting as well. I just got 3 in the mail last Friday and 1 from e-bay last night. That is a total of 4 bags on 2 days. I have used one. I can't wait until the sale starts.
  5. :roflmfao: I just mentioned this to a friend and he said, "How many more bags does one person need??? :wtf:"
  6. ...and you said...
  7. What any self respecting TPF member would say: "You can NEVER have too many!" :supacool:
  8. i read the title to this thread and was expecting to find a link to the labor day sale :crybaby:

  9. Ohh, Sorry! You would have seen a lot of exclamation points had that been the case ;)

    And yes, my friends all think I am crazy - they just do not understand. My sister give me :rolleyes: every time she sees a new package come!
  10. Does anyone know if the goods for the Labor Day sale will be samples from the fall line and newer items or if they will just be the ones left over from the in-store sample sale? If it's the latter, the pickings sound like they will be slim. Someone please tell me I have any hope of getting a havana hobo in Yam!
  11. Please post as soon as you find out because I too thought this post was going to tell me when the sell starts.:confused1:
  12. I think many of us are holding our breath till the sale starts. I missed the last online sale. My bf told me I better not sleep starting Wednesday; I need to stay awake and wait for the link.
  13. Me too! I was so exited to see this post... rushed in with a smile of anticipation on my face and a credit card in my hand... And here we are-you guys are just teasing. :crybaby:
    OK, need to put my credit card back in my purse. Not now my little plastic friend, we should wait a little bit more. :graucho::devil:

  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  15. I just paid off my shocking creditcards balance due to the crazy shopping last month. And I'm ready to struggle for the next shopping bill. :sweatdrop: Come to me, Labor-Day Sale~~