Hayden Harnett Labor Day Sale - What did you buy?

  1. Just breaking away from the general sale discussion, I'd love to know what you ordered.

    I ordered a Choclate Ana to keep my Saddle Ana company, and matching tassels for both.
  2. I ordered the Louvre in black....can't wait to receive it! Really wanted the Beatrice, but the Louvre is a good replacement for now...
  3. frankly, i haven't decided although i've been putting the hudson triple strap satchel, the pastis frame bag in leaves and another tote into my shopping cart but never check out. i got a 15% discount card that they sent me when i got my panam nylon travel tote but maybe i'm still hoping they'll lower the prices some more- although i know i can't use the dc on on sale items:sad:
  4. So far just the Ink Salina Pouch.:yes:
  5. Mushroom charms, since I gave mine away and they're so cute.
  6. i dont want to miss out on anything, but i think at 12pm i going to the Nordstrom rack... they are supposed to be having a sale!!! i wonder when they will post new items, what time was it yesterday when new items came up???
  7. I bought tassels to match my bags: Chocolate, olive, black, and cobalt. I already have the saddle and chalk tassels. I'd love to have a plum tassel, but they aren't on sale...
  8. So far I've bought the Blush Havana and the Ink Nico. Waiting and hoping for more Havanas.
  9. Ordered the hudson hobo in smoke. It would be great if people who ordered over the sale period stared posting when they actually start to receive their bags, so we know how fast they are shipping out!
  10. cph, I just caved in and ordered the Hudson Hobo in smoke blue too. For $149.30 including shipping, my weak defenses could no longer hold out.
  11. I ordered the nico in luggage, salina in ink and a Linea Pelle Dylan double handle satchel.
  12. Big Quilted Mimi in Luggage.
  13. Ink Salina and a few charms
  14. I am hoping I like it, India Ink, because I've never seen it IRL. I did get the free shipping, though! Have my eye on a Suki, if it doesn't go on sale by Sept 10, then I'm probably just going to get it anyway!
  15. BTW, maybe there should be an HH subforum?:idea:!