Hayden Harnett Knock Off or Knocked Off?

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  1. While I was shopping on line I noticed this bag and it looks a lot like the HH Havana. Nowhere near as nice but surely you can see the resemblance. I guess imitation is a form of flattery but...What do you think about this?
    Knock off or Knocked off.jpg
  2. That is...freaky.
  3. Whoa! That looks like my Black Havana - kinda - with a shorted strap. :confused1:
  4. where'd it come from?
  5. Toni, is that a Maxx bag? I saw that bag in Annie Sez's (a discount designer store in my area). I was shocked as well, since it was so similar to HH. The leather (I *think* it was leather) was so hard and crunchy. Definitely not HH leather.

    Anyway, that happens all the time- look at how many Anna Corrina City Tote inspirations there are these days!
  6. That's a Maxx NY bag and its been around a long time. It was the Special Value a few years ago on QVC.
  7. Do you have a link?
  8. It looks a lot smaller than a Havana.

    There's nothing about it that screams "stolen design" to me.
  9. :yes: So true!
  10. My first post here! I've bought two of these Maxx bags for my mother, in black and green. The green croco color is really nice. But the bag is very stiff. I've compared it with the Havana Hobo and they are similar in size, the leather on the Havana is just much smooshier. They are almost identical in the details which is freaky, but after playing with them, I know I wouldn't ever carry it. I like my hobos squishy. They are great bags for my mother though who likes a more structured bag. I got one of them on Ebay; the other at TJ Maxx for $50 about a month ago (the green).

  11. Thomas Wylde does skull lining... one has to wonder how old this bag truly is, seems a rip off of 2 designers not really that known, ya know?