Hayden Harnett just shipped my bag UPS Ground and I paid for 2 Day Air

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  1. they refunded the differnce but why in the world would they do that? I still have not received my first bag yet. It takes so long...like 10 days to get from NY to Ca! I'm irritated with them now.
  2. Never mind! I talked to a very nice girl there...they are swamped!
  3. I wanted to respond earlier, but didn't want to sound like the HH Ho that I am - I figured they would be, after the sale, and the holiday weekend. They are getting so popular, they'll need to expand and grow, which is a good thing - but growing pains, oy, growing pains...
  4. Both my parents owned businesses and I know that things can get overwhelming and I'm sure they are doing the best they can! I can't wait to get my bags...I really want to get a Celina Cuff too...I went to order one and the price went back up to normal...drat!

  5. i have a mercer cuff and it's really awesome and i highly highly recommend getting a celina or mercer. there is a 25% sale going on at HH via Daily candy so you could get the Celina cuff for a bit of discount... or wait it out this summer, i'm sure another sale will come along on the cuff, maybe even better than 25%? btw, the mercer cuff is not nearly as wide as it looks online.
  6. I actually just subscribed to the Daily Candy.....do you know how to find the code? I'll try again :smile: I definitely want the a cuff! What color did you get? I'm thinking plum or mulberry. Thanks for the tip!

  7. Code = DCHH and you get 25% off and free shipping!

    I got the Mercer Cuff in Poppy Red (mostly b/c it was on sale) but the color is awesome for summer!

    Also check out this auction on ebay:

  8. Okay...I found it and ordered the Celina in Plum :smile: Thanks again!
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