hayden harnett inka hobo

  1. anyone own this bag? i just returned the mercer satchel for this bag in black and was wondering if anyone here had it...would love to know your thoughts!
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  2. I love this bag - just received mine in Saddle yesterday - it's gorgeous, the exterior pockets and the size are just perfect. Not too big, not too small, just right. I know it's probably not in "style", because it's not huge, but it's what I've been looking for my whole life. I'm in love. I want to get it in Plum, as well!
  3. thank you india!!!! i can't wait to get mine!!!
  4. I can tell you now that I've actually got the bag situated with my stuff, I'm really enjoying it. I am having to make the adjustment from a more structured bag to this 'hobo' slouchy style, but I'm making it! I have been using a Coach Chelsea Field bag, and a Hobo International "Put It In Your Pocket" bag off and on - this Inka seems to be a good combination of the two. The leather is lightweight but sturdy. I am seeing some fingernail scratches, but I think that goes with the look - the finish on the saddle color is very natural, which adds to the broken-in look of the bag. I don't know how it would look in a darker color; I'll wait on ordering the plum until somebody else might make a post about it or I just can't stand it anymore. I really like the plum color!
  5. songofthesea, I just posted photos of my Inkas in the HH Addict thread, but will put one here in case you are monitoring