Hayden-Harnett Inka----can't decide which color! White or Olive or Saddle?

  1. I love all of them, but just can't decide. Most of my purses are black and brown.
  2. Since you are all about black and brown, I would go for olive. I would definitely stay away from the white!! It is a rather large bag and too much opportunity to get a blemish. IMO
  3. I think the ink and plum are really pretty! It looks like a great bag.
  4. interesting! i'm deciding whether or not to put my brand new one on eBay! their leather is to die for...i don't think you could go wrong with any color!!!
  5. Saddle is a delicious shade, but still in the brown family. I'd say go with the olive - I have it as well, and will be changing to it tonight (in celebration of the first day of summer).
  6. Probably Olive....I know how hard it is to choose an HH bag and color! You will love the Inka though :smile:
  7. they have the prettiest jewel tones. I only own one HH bag. Here is the back of it...is this the color you are talking about? (too lazy to go to the site...)

    blue hayden back.jpg

    CRAP! I think I misunderstood your post! I thought Inka was a color! sorry, my bad!
  8. Olive or saddle!:yes:
  9. oopy.:blush:
  10. I thought Inka was a color for the longest too...you're not the only one :smile:
  11. i have to vote for the plum! i'm tempted....but i need to wait at least until the fall collection comes out.
  12. Olive, I have the tuilleris wallet in Olive and I just love the color!
  13. I'm waffling between the Inka and the Mercer bags! It's so hard to decide, but I only have the funds to choose only one.
    Is the olive a medium tone, or is it deeper? On the website it looks a bit faded.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Get the Inka Panda...it's really a great sized bag....it fits alot without being huge. It has a great shape to it. Let us know what you pick!