Hayden Harnett in Amethyst colour

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  1. Hi guys,

    This is my first post, but i'd love to know if anyone has a Hayden Harnett in Amethyst color that they can post real life colour pics of?

    Or if you can let me know if it is a quite dark colour like it looks, or actually more bright?
    I'm hoping its like the pics a darker purpley :smile:

    I'm really interested in the Mercer Satchel.

  2. It's a very pretty color! I love purple bags:
  3. I can't help you with the IRL color, but I've been admiring it on the HH website. :p
  4. I have a bag in this color, and I would describe it as a darkish purple. I'll try to post pics today or tomorrow!
  5. Okay, here they are. Like I said before, I consider it to be a darkish purple. These pics actually look a little more vibrant than the bag really seems to me, but that's how they came out. :confused1:
    IMGP1065.JPG IMGP1068.JPG
  6. Thankyou for posting them, i do love the colour!

    I'm wanting the mercer satchel, but want to be able to use it most of the time (not always) as my daily bag. I would love it to go with most things.

    Do you think this would be possible in this colour?

    I could get black, but i'd prefer this colour if it would still work with my clothes/etc most of the time, cause it really stands out to me!
  7. Do you think this bag is the same colour?
    If so i dont know if its right for me, i thought it was a little darker/not so bright.

    Will it go with most things? What do you think?

  8. My bag doesn't really seem that bright IRL. I also think it could go with almost anything.
  9. I have the Nico in black and I love it! I am tempted to get it in the amethyst too! Love the amethyst very much!!!
  10. oooh!!!! the amethyst is gorgeous:nuts: ..to bad I am not interested in the mercer ..but if they have it in the hudson that color..
    It's will be mine baby!:graucho:
  11. shell - I don't have amethyst but have seen it IRL and think it is a bit brighter than the photo you posted, but not too much. It's a very deep, gorgeous shade, which I think would be quite versatile. If I didn't already have a dark purple bag (Balenciaga ink) I would be tempted.
  12. it's probably the flash photography on this picture making the bag look bright purple.
  13. I've seen the amethyst in real life on a Gaza satchel and i LOVE IT and think about buying it every day (i've got a serious HH bug!). It's definitely not as bright IRL as it looks on the HH photo of the Nico. What I love love love about it is that it manages to actually be a very awesome 'neutral' while being a fun deep purple at the same time. I never usually deviate from brown leathers but I think the amethyst satchel will be my first! I think you could wear it all 4 seasons and have it look totally appropriate.
  14. I love the amethyst color. If I didn't have the plum color already, I would have snatched this up. I think it would go with almost everything but add a nice splash of color to any outfit.