Hayden-Harnett impulse buys :(

  1. I bought two pieces from the waning Hayden-Harnett online sale last week. They came today, and I ended up just not loving the feel of the leather (or the colors, for that matter).

    They are the lorca in eggplant and the turnlock wallet in grey. The purple of the lorca is a LOT more intense than on the website, the leather on both feels sort of stiff, and they smell kind of weird. Do they just need time to be broken in? I'm used to botkier and francesco biasia that were butter-soft from day 1.

    Here are pics of both. To be fair, I should have expected the eggplant to be too intense for me, as I'm used to camels and light turquoises (purple was a new gamble), but it is a LOT darker and solid-looking than the one on the website.
    IMG_2245.JPG IMG_2249.JPG IMG_22502.jpg IMG_2254.JPG
  2. ...and here's the image of lorca in eggplant from HH's website. [​IMG]

    It just looks... I dunno, less "solid"? If that makes sense to anyone? Broken in, soft. The one I got looks and feels a little less like a $300 purse and a little more like a $50 purse :shrugs: Nothing wrong with that, just not what I thought I was getting.
  3. I think they will need to be broken in a bit. I love that eggplant color! It's beautiful, maybe you will get used to it??
  4. So what would you do? Let them break in a little? Return them and eat shipping costs? Sell on eBay? The purse was on sale for a little under $250 and the wallet was about $100.
  5. hmm...I can't remember, do they have a 'no-return' policy during the sales?

  6. I'm not sure policy-wise, but they told me if I did want to return either to call/email for an RMA#.
  7. I would return them. Even if you could get the leather broken in you are not happy and the smell alone is probably something to drive you crazy.
    Good luck.
  8. Thanks, gilliana. I'm leaning that way. I just wanted to see if people had enough experience with HH to know that those things tend to change as it gets broken-in.
  9. I would return them or exchance for something you will love... i've bought things impulsively that i wasn't in love with and kept them until it was too late to return and I ALWAYS regret it... Every time I look at them it feels like a waste of money and I end up giving them away... Besides, there are a lot of cute new spring clutches!
  10. Return them. At those prices, you should really love them.
  11. Thank you all for your input I emailed HH for an RMA# to return. :yes:
  12. Definately the best choice. If they don't scream at you the minute they arrive then they should go, even if they were in the sale.
  13. I bought the hudson from the sale , i am sending it back, i don't like the feel or smell, i guess i just don't like the quality, but when i called they were very nice.
  14. I agree! I made that mistake a month ago. I had bought a BE bag and didn't love it when I got it. I couldn't return it because it was a sale item. I had someone willing to buy it right then but I decided to try the bag out but just didn't like it after all. I recently contacted the person who was interested in the bag to see if they were still interested and they weren't. Now I have the bag on eBay and no takers yet. I wish I would have sold it right off. I tried to love the bag and it didn't work. So I have learned from all of this if I don't like it right off get rid of it right then! You made a good choice.

    I do have the Lorca bag in grey and the wallet in lead and I do love both! Maybe try different colors in the bag!
  15. Me too--I have totally done that exact same thing. Returning was a good idea! Then you will get something you absolutely love!