Hayden-Harnett Ibiza Flight tote

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    Hayden-Harnett Handbags & Accessories - Item Detail

    Do any of you ladies own the Ibiza Flight tote? If so... is it TOO large?... I saw a few girls at the sample sale that were actually wearing this bag... and it looked sorta cute... and it seems like a practical buy...

  2. I'm a big Hayden Harnett fan.. I haven't seen this bag in person, but I think a bit of a bigger bag is in style :yes:
  3. ^^ :smile:

    I think I'm attracted to the fact that it's convertible... But I dont wanna look like i'm carrying around luggage.... hahaha.
  4. I also like the fact that it's convertible... I'm waiting to receive mine in the mail soon! :yes:
  5. Ahhhh! Mango, please post pics when you get it?... of you wearing it? I know they show pics of a model wearing it.. but i dunno.. yea.. i'm weird.
  6. Meh.. Maybe I should just take the plunge and get it..
  7. hmm...I love hayden-harnett, and this bag is pretty cute, but it looks like it has some serious cameltoe in that pic. What is going on?
  8. I was all set to fall in love with this bag & now......I can't look at it w/o :lol: seeing that CT.
    I think it's a great bag & much more grown up than the Toki Doki bags I've been stealerrrrrr borrowing from my daughter to carry around my laptop.Do you think it will carry a laptop & some files?
  9. it says it's padded to carry a laptopppp... ;)
  10. eh... I bought it... it's almost out of stock at lunaboston.com and i had a coupon.. didn't want to miss out.
  11. Luna - you'll have to post pics when you get it. :yes:

    I bought mine at the online sample sale, so I just hope it's in good condition when it arrives!
  12. i bet those were like the first to go at the sample sale!
  13. Nah... I think there were 4 left when I bought mine, which was in the afternoon of the first day.
  14. I take that back, I remember there was 1 left when I ordered the tote...

    I just emailed them to ask when the item will be shipped. I received a response (calling me by the wrong name!) saying something about a "glitch in the system" and asking for a Paypal receipt, which I have. I'm trying to confirm whether she's saying that I'm getting a refund or the tote (I want the tote!). :confused1:
  15. I got my bag from Lunaboston already... it's sitting at my parents house in the 'burbs, though... I have to wait until the weekend to see it... arrrr!