Hayden-Harnett Hudson Triple Strap

  1. This place is so dangerous - just when you think you've been sated, you see another post that makes you think, "hmmm....that's a nice one...." And so it was with the new thread about the Hayden-Harnett Triple Strap Hudson in Smoke Blue thread. :shrugs:Now, I love blue bags and I have looked at his bag several times, but just keep thinking maybe it's a bit too big for me. But, I've been pretty good about this lately, so I'm allowing myself to investigate further.
    Yeah, I'm getting to my point! I know that I have seen modeling pics of the Hudson here somewhere. I'm sure it was in the H-H post pics thread which is now 71 pages long! Does anybody know which page they're on? Or maybe somebody has pics on their computer they can just paste on here for me? Thanks so much, y'all!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. thats adorable!!! hope people post pics
  4. It's a great-looking bag, but it was a little big for me too. I'm 5'4", size 0-2, and it was overwhelming. I've seen girls smaller than me pull it off, but I guess I'm just not a big bag girl! Sorry, no pics.

    HH's CS was great - I ordered it on a Monday and it arrived the next day. I sent it back on Saturday and had a credit on my account within about a week, so it's worth giving it a try!
  5. I'm 5-1 and tried the smoke blue triple strap on at Von Maur. I loved the size, and it was actually smaller than I had thought.
  6. Yeah, it's really not as big as it looks in some pictures. And it's not that "thick"...so it's pretty easy to carry.
  7. i adore that bag. def my fav HH. enjoy it!
  8. My absolutely favourite HH bag, too because it's light weight and easy to carry. I'd consider it a mid-size bag not a large one. I've got it in the smokeblue and this colours is just so beautiful!
  9. This is one of my HH faves as well, and I'm 5'2". It's comparable in size to the Bbag City.
  10. yep, my dream bag as well...its gorgeous!! Can this bag fit a laptop --anybody know?
  11. I think it would have to be a small laptop.
  12. I have a couple questions for the gals who own one - you see how in the picture up there the leather looks "crinkly"? Is the leather textured or is it just a weird picture? And can you wear it on your shoulder with those double straps, or do you have to use the longer third one for that?
  13. I have this exact bag, and I love it! It is just a little bigger than the Bbag city. I don't think it is too big at all, but I like larger bags. Here are some old modeling pics that I posted in another thread somewhere. I am 5'4" and a size 0-2.

    RE your question above - the leather does have a distressed look (see my pics). I think it adds to the look of the bag. I use the double straps - I never use the 3rd strap. When on my shoulder, I'm using the double straps in the pics.
    HHHudson Model1.jpg HHHudson Model2.jpg HHHudson Model3.jpg
  14. I love this bag, and have two of them - one in vachetta, and will have the smoke blue tomorrow. I initially bought it thinking to carry it as a handbag, but it was too big so off it went in the closet. Recently, while searching YET AGAIN for the perfect work tote/bag, I decided to try out the Triple-Strap - and DAMNED if she wasn't PERFECT at that, for me. So I have my Inka as my personal handbag, and the Triple-Strap for work stuff (lunch, magazine, book, papers, whathaveyou). I just adore it. It's light-weight, beautiful leather (I'm sure the smoke blue will be as well) and I just... oh, I love it so much I can't stand it. I had a co-worker comment that it was 'awfully high-quality to carry your lunch in' and I just looked at her and agreed.

    We deserve the very best, wouldn't you say?
  15. Why do people feel the need to open their mouths and say things like that? Jealousy? I don't get why people can't just be nice. *SIGH*

    I'm still contemplating this bag, but the H-H sale price doesn't excite me and I'm REALLY trying to be good unless I see a too-good-to-pass-up deal!