Hayden Harnett Hudson Triple-Strap

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  1. Hi, I know theres been heaps of HH questions lately, but i really would love to know about this bag from anyone that has it.

    Do the handles fit on the shoulder also? Can the bag be worn like this?
    What do you do with the handles when your wearing it on the shoulder strap, do the hang over the sides or continue to want to stick up?
    What is the strap drop of the handle? and the shoulder strap?

    Any modeling pics? Because i would love to see!!
    Thanks :smile:
  2. Thanks for those links, good info!

    Do your handles fit over your shoulder? Can it be worn like that?

    You dont happen to have any modeling pics do you? :smile:
  3. I haven't taken any pics of this bag yet - I can try tomorrow maybe - the shorter straps won't fit over your shoulder - but it does have a detachable shoulder strap, which I use a lot - some people have said they didn't like it (that it makes the bag bulky), but I just push one handle in front, and the other down in back and kind of "smush" em down to flatten them a little bit. When I'm in a hurry, I just let the handles fall however they go - I've never had a problem and the handles don't get in the way.
  4. Really, I'm surprised, mine fits over the shoulder easily, even with a jacket.:confused1: That's why I think it's a better design than Bal.:yes:
  5. I had this and returned it. The woven handles did fit easily over my shoulder, and I like 'em, but the third strap just seemed kind of weird and in the way. I could not push it aside to my satsifaction. Plus you can't adjust it to be long enough to be more like a long-strapped shoulder bag (does that even makes sense???). If you detach the the third strap, which you easily can, then you have two HUGE, bracelet-size rings just flappin' in the wind on either side of the bag. Which I hated.

    I did think the smoke blue color was gorgeous, though!
  6. Thanks for the replys girls!