Hayden Harnett Hudson - Problems w/the leather?

  1. I received a Hudson Triple Strap Satchel (in Smoke Blue) over the weekend. I bought it on eBay for $190. When I got the bag, I checked it all over and it looked to be in very good condition. I used the bag today for the first time, and when I got to work, I noticed that on the backside of the bag, there are a couple of spots where the leather is scratched and sort of split. I don't remember noticing that when I got the bag, although I'm sure it's possible that it was like this & I just missed it.

    I emailed the seller & asked if maybe she bought the bag from their sample sale, but I haven't heard back from her. I guess it's possible that the bag was slightly damaged when I got it & I just didn't notice it.

    I carried the bag on my arm for most of the time, although I did use the shoulder strap for a little while. It doesn't look like the bag rubbed up against me while I was carrying it, and I didn't drop the bag, rub it up against anything else, or scratch it in anyway. I have no idea what caused the leather to do this. I'm just concerned that this will get even worse over time, and the leather will chip and/or peel away. Has anyone else noticed that the leather on these types of bags is very delicate and/or have to be extra careful when carrying them?

    I really love the bag, but am so disppointed that this happened. I just don't want to see the leather on the bag get further ruined and I wonder if it's inevitable?
  2. Oh that is such a shame. You must be so aggrevated. How can a bag be expected to not touch the person who's carrying it? The leather has to be hardier than that! I also am wondering if it was from the sample sale. Could something temporarily have been put on it to camoflage the damage and that's what wore off? The eBay seller should certainly answer your email! Post pics and maybe someone will have some suggestions for you. So sorry this happened!
  3. It's not very noticeable because of the way the leather is so distressed. The places where the leather split blends in with all the natural folds & wrinkles. I don't even know if a photo will show it. (I'll try to take one tomorrow in sunlight).

    The leather on this bag is extremely soft and it does seem a little delicate, but not so much that the leather should split on the first use (it's thicker than a Balenciaga but just as distressed). I'm really very careful w/my bags, which is why I don't think it's from anything I did and may have already been there. Unless like I said, it happened from rubbing up against me and/or my clothes (although Im not wearing jeans or pants w/any kind of zipper and/or buttons). If that's the case, that kind of concerns me.

    As long as those few spots don't get caught on anything or rub up against anything, they shouldn't split further. I'm just worried that over time, the leather in those places is going to peel away, cuz that's how it looks. I was just wondering whether or not anyone else that owns a HH ever had problems w/the leather scratching and/or splitting?
  4. I have the Hayden Harnett Hudson Hobo in cocoa. It is made of the same leather as the triple strap satchel and I have had no problems with it. It's a great sturdy bag. I carried it a lot this winter and it still looks brand new. I also got a Nico XX Bag from the sample sale (the hobo is not from the sale) which is in pristine, totally new condition. I'm sorry this happened to you, the seller should respond to your emails.
  5. If you try contact the owner of Hayden Harnett at their website, maybe they can help you.
    I mean if it is good quality, regardless of where you bought it, they should be able to suggest something.
    That way we know that they stand behind their name.

    good luck as I am eyeing the triple satchel in blue smoke too.

    Can you please post pics?:smile: