Hayden-Harnett Hudson Hobo $200.00

  1. Thanks so much for posting!

    I just placed an order and I used the coupon code GRECHEN for another 20% off so it was only 160.

    What a great deal!
  2. Not related to the Hudson, but Amazon.com has some HH on sale:
    - the Inka Big Clip Hobo is $250
    - Dominique is $275
    - the Tuileries Printed Leather Satchel is $300
    - the Mercer Clutch in Metallic Linen is $125!!
    - the Salina Pouch in Amethyst is $175
    - the Catalina Laptop Brief is $300.

    Also, as of right now, Amazon has the Clutch Wallet in Chocolate (1 left!), which the HH site has sold out of.

    Amazon Hayden Harnett
  3. chopstiks, congrats on a GREAT deal!

    pixiechic, before hayden harnett launched their website when they were just starting out, they sold on Amazon. I don't think they ever closed their amazon store. So the stuff you posted is probably being sold by HH. When a retailer has an amazon store, sometimes the inventory isn't up to date on the amazon site. So the wallet may or may not be there. Hard to say without trying to complete a checkout
  4. Forgot to add, even though the Hudson's now sold out it's worth taking a look at the sale section and using the gretchen code for the additional 20% off. There are some other HH bags on sale (not as great a discount as the hudson). And two really cute Moni Moni bags in a style I hadn't seen before. After using the gretchen code, the MM's drop from $450 to $292
  5. I was wondering about that myself. Maybe they keep a certain amount of stock separate for their other online stores? Yesterday I ordered the Clutch Wallet in Plum from Amazon because it was no longer on the HH site, and Amazon said they had just a few left (those are now gone from Amazon too). I made it thru the checkout just fine and got confirmation saying it should ship on Tues, but I won't count on it until it gets here. Keep your fingers crossed for me!:tup:
  6. I certainly will! You'll probably get yours before I get mine! I ordered one from HH website 2 weeks ago and it's still not here! I'm getting a little frustrated. They are in NY and I'm in Cali so I expected a week maybe, but it took them 5 days to ship the order out.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for ya!