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  1. Ladies, it had to be done, it really did. Until we get a sub forum, lets post our pics, questions, musings, and more in this designated thread.

  2. Oh, this one is gonna be a doozy...

  3. My most recent HH bag...isnt she beautiful! Thats actually more of a statement than a question!

    Anyhow, I would love to sing the praises of this wondrous little bag. Soofffft blue leather with a slight hint of purple, open up to a beautiful multi-hues jewel tone floral interior. Unique design enables you to carry the bag over your shoulder, or as a clutch with your hand cupping the opening. Additionally, you could wear it as a wristlet but I dont really reccomend it as things could fall out. I love this bag! Its such a beautiful pop of color and surprisingly it works with so many outfits!
  4. Here's my musing...

    I got my owl coin purse today and it is SOOO cute. I was worried it would be huge, but it's the perfect size. I initially bought it to put on a yellow (non HH) bag, but when I got it, I noticed that the eyes were olive leather with brass studs. I put i on my olive Ana and it looks PERFECT. I'm a happy camper :wlae:
  5. LOL.

    I feel lonely. Ladies come hang out with me so I dont feel like an @$$-munch

  6. Cool! I got a bunch of those charms, like the mushroom and acorn...I kinda wished I got the owl coin purse though. Can you fit lots of coins in it? I go to college and laundry is a pain and quarters are always neccesary!
  7. Here is another pic
    CIMG3904.JPG CIMG3902.JPG
  8. Oh, I love the ink Mercer clutch! If I could collect one in each color, I would. I'm kinda kicking myself for not getting the luggage one during the sale. Here's a pic of my "girls". Not pictured: two coin purses, and a Pompidou clutch on the way.
  9. No, it's actually pretty small. I don't think you could fit more than about $1 in change inside.
  10. I got super glue on my sonia.

    I thought I was going to cry.

    This is me with the bag:

    And the bag by itself:

  11. OooooooooHHHHHHHHH Yummmy! I love the way those colors look next to eachother. the black Nico really sets off the deep chestnut brown of the Hudson hobo and the pewter mercer clutch! Gorgeous!

  12. Wow, Ive never seen this bag in photos before! It looks awesome!

  13. NOO!! Did you get it off? And I can't believe this is what I'm looking at in those great pics, but did HH upgrade their luggage tag?
  14. I did, but it pulled off a layer of color. It's actually pretty noticeable. Two round spots, where the super glue was. :sad:
  15. Yeah they did! I totally love it. The new tag makes me feel much more secure about putting credit cards and such in there. It opens and closes with a very secure *snap*