Hayden Harnett & HHHotties Nail Polishes

  1. Here's more :p
    omg01.jpg omg02.jpg omg2.jpg omg005.jpg omg11.jpg
  2. and more...
    omg12.jpg omg14.jpg omg15.jpg omg16.jpg omg17.jpg
  3. And dear lord I think there's more. No more shooting once the Xanax has kicked in :wacko:
    omg18.jpg omg19.jpg omg21.jpg omg22.jpg omg20.jpg
  4. Love pics. All kinds of yam porn!
  5. I missed it~what color is that Jenni? I love it! I need to go look at your old posts...
  6. Oh lord :push:
    Sorry I did that. I was TRULY zonked out and not making good decisions. Like editing, for one :biggrin:

    No--Lu just wondered how it would look with Yam and I went a little crazy. I'll take a COUPLE this morning in daylight... egads. I needed to be in bed.

    I'm REALLY sorry for that. There are even dupe pictures.:blush:

    Beth, it's one of the sale ones I grabbed at Ulta. OPI "Chopsticking to My Story" from the Hong Kong collection. Texas Longhorn Orange.
  7. that is the perfect color for you, jenni. there's no such thing as too many pictures!
  8. Jenn awesome picture overload. I think I love it with the zucca and TCP the best. I don't think it's a good fit for the perfect terracotta polish I've been looking for but I do love the color so I'll have to pick it up.
  9. Great pics Jenni, duplicates and all!! You're such a "yam"!!:lol:
    Really liking that orange OPI. It matches so many of your pieces. It appears to be almost the same color to the oranges in your Paule Marrot pieces.

    Hope you are feeling better, and the sinus headache is gone. I've been getting them too. The weather here has been wonky. One day in the 40's, the next day in the 80's. Yesterday it rained hard, with hail twice. A city about 40 minutes aways had softball size hail. Ouch!!
    They should make a nail polish that changes colors according to the weather. You know, kinda like a mood ring!!! lol
  10. Thanks! I'm going to try to go to ulta today if I finish grading exams ( soooo close!!)
  11. Go! Beth! Go! :dothewave:

    I'm taking the WHOLE time I've been given... till Monday at 5. But shouldn't be too bad.

    Lauri, it's maybe exactly between the Yam and Ruby on the Mosaique CP, but the GP actually has a pure red stripe in it. I think the lighting was really off. It works best with the LP Zucca and maybe the TCP, but it's way stronger/brighter/orange than the Yam. Looks good with everything, but in terms of a perfect match...

    Lu, it's really like a coral and a terracotta got together and had a Frankenpolish (<--I've been wanting to use that ever since MB mentioned it!!!:p)

    I'll take a modest 2 or 3 right now in normal light. Ignore the chips.
  12. Here are some in low morning light (it's overcast)... it really is a "burnt coral" IMHO. Looks great with the Mosaique CP and the LP Zucca, but too much for the Yam and GP.
    1achop1.jpg 1achop2.jpg 1achop3.jpg 1achop4.jpg
  13. Do you have these Lu??
  14. Oh that is lovely. It looks amazing with the coin purse. I wonder if I can get it to look more terracotta by adding Dior rock coat to the top. :idea: