Hayden Harnett & HHHotties Nail Polishes

  1. i decided on sinful colors cloud 9 with a coat of tanzy on top. :biggrin: i tried the other combos on my finger nails as a test, and a lot of them just didn't cut it. i really want sinful colors UFO glitter top coat... i think it would have been really nice on top of jancyn, but the gold glitter just made the nail look dirty because jancyn is so bright.
  2. :smooch: thank you Sally. I had a rough night yest so I was kinda feeling dumpy today.
    I got myself a haircut, I had a nice cold beer with pizza for din din and I survived another Ham Sammie tirade hour. I'm feeling much better now! :biggrin::biggrin:
  3. Oh - are tirades happening? That sux. But will end. I promise you.

    In 20 years all you will be faced with are endless phone calls asking for money/asking where to park downtown/telling you that they just cooked bacon and can't shut the smoke alarm down and should they disconnect it/asking for the phone number of someone they are doing yard work for that they SHOULD have written down themselves. That was just a small sampling of the calls I had today.
  4. Blueberry Carryall & Zoya Indigo :cloud9:


  5. i :heart: it!
  6. The first few months are the roughest. It will get better, you will get your life back...

    And it will all be worth it. :yes:

  7. Wow - that polish looks like it would go with the navy barrow too!!!
  8. I know it will. I should break out my navy barrow tomorrow and take some pics.
  9. It's really pretty Lu. I think I'm going to have to break out the dark blues. Do you think they go ok with Eucalyptus?
  10. Lovely lulu! I love blue polishes.

    Mib, I know I am late, but I would have voted for Tanzy.

    I am wearing Zoya Adina but will switch to a more conservative color for work over the weekend. I leave for a business trip on Monday so I need a more professional color.

  11. love the picks, lulu and jc.

    lulu, what a great alternative to black. the blue is so deep and rich. that's going to look yummy with your barrow.

    jc, that's too bad you have to change your polish so soon. adina looks so great on you. so springy too and love the light shimmer. i bet it looks diff under different lights.

    y'all can double as hand models!
  12. Gorgeous JC and Lu.
  13. ooh, i bet that'd look great with the violet metallic pilot!

    i thought tanzy would be good by itself with the yam leather, but tanzy actually has some reddish tones to it that the yam doesn't so it wasn't a good match. felt like it clashed a little.
  14. okay... a little change of plans. geez.. this one took a long time deciding. i did sinful colors "cloud 9" 2 layers and sinful colors "all about you" gold glitter on top. i was going to do zoya tanzy on top, but it just didn't look right... made the polish too light orange vs. the deeper orange color i was going for. "cloud 9" is very bright orange with a bit of shimmer, so it's really fun by itself for summer, but the gold glitter deepens the orange and adds a bit of a foil look to the polish. the gold glitter has very tiny orange glitter in it, so it does match well.

  15. Oh that's gorgeous, Mib!! Well done!