Hayden Harnett & HHHotties Nail Polishes

  1. Jenni - great colour match!
  2. Pewter Laura tote w AMA over pico do fogo.
  3. OH. Lovely combo! I want to put Ama on everything!
  4. That looks really great and goes so well with the pewter leather.
  5. Enga that is an awesome pairing!!!

    MB- That put a huge smile on my face reading your comment. :smile:
  6. :smile: haha well I got a back up Ama for a reason ;).

    I'm in a rut though. Need to pull out some fun bags and polishes.
  7. Thanks mb, mt, and Lu!

    I've gotten mad compliments at work from the other chickies on my elevation polishes! My sparkles look so fly in the natural light!
  8. Loooooove!!
    Cannot wait to rock the shizz out of my AMA!
    Looks amaze with the pewter HH!
  9. Thanks, Cho!!!! Bust it out, girrrrllll!!!!!
  10. I haven't painted my nails in at least a month :shocked: but decided to go blue today (elevation pic de sotllo). Wish I had a cobalt ramone to go w/!
  11. What a coincidence, jenni! :p (nice job with your blue, btw)
  12. Why thank you! :cutesy: I worked very hard on that blue. :smooch:
  13. I'm kind of blue right now too -- teal. I have 3 coats of Zoya Frida with a matte topcoat. I think it looks like sea glass and I bet it would look great with HH Vintage Peacock. I need to find my key fob and see if it is a match, it might be a bit too green.
  14. So here's Elevation Polish Colline du Sharf! It's gorgeous and the formula is wonderful. Unlike my cuticles! Pics w my Plum passport case and new Olive Louvre wallet :love: And some pics next to BL AHTQ (very different, Moth) and Zoya's Kennedy, which is more pale.
    image-545750127.jpg image-1079734026.jpg image-457704900.jpg image-3698941762.jpg image-4106719521.jpg image-1430100802.jpg image-2016734105.jpg