Hayden Harnett & HHHotties Nail Polishes

  1. Ok - I get it - those are not your hands in the pic?? I am still positive that your hands are lovely - just like the rest of you!
  2. I love that color, Chez! Another one to add to my list. And ITA with Sally; I'm sure your hands are lovely... we're our own worst critics, of course.

    Y'all remember that we have to keep this thread focused on matching polish to HH bags; otherwise they'll shut it down and send us to the Beauty sub-forum:p I think that blush/nude would look GORGEOUS with Moonbeam, actually. Or Taupe.

    Wait--is that an HH bag in the second attachment? I can't get it to open and don't recognize it...
  3. ditto. you have gorgeous hands, chez.

    love all the hh-polish matches!
  4. ditto this. :biggrin: i don't recognize the bag... moonbeam havana would be lovely with that. too bad i don't have one. :sad: now that spring/summer weather's here, i'm going to bust out my moonbeam athena sandals. would be so awesome to have a havana to match!
  5. Love this thread! I'm about to do my nails shortly...will post pics!
  6. I'm laughing here...those are NOT my hands. I'm not that, um, handy with a camera, so I picked some random thumbnails (pictures, not, um thumb nails) that showed the color. My hands aren't really bad, but they're about 20 years older than the oldest hands in those pictures.

    Jenni and MIB
    When I realized that a bag was the backdrop, I too was curious as to its provenance, but alas it's a mystery.

    This color is a universal neutral, so it would tone with just about any HH bag. It looks great against Brandy (Lorca or Sonia ), but I love it best against a Dominique Satchel in burgundy.
  7. Zoya Cola paired with Cordovan Wyeth Tote & Also paired with Brandy Trophy. It's almost a perfect match to both.




  8. Ooooh! Pretty!! :love: Can't wait for my Zoya order to arrive!

    Here's Orly's Prince Charming with the Taupe Ramone. It's definitely more of a contrast color for HH Taupe leather--I'd like to find a lighter taupe or beige that would coordinate more closely. But I think it looks good with it!

    (ETA: Yes. I have man hands. Ladies L gloves don't fit. I also have huge feet :p)
    np1.jpg np2.jpg np3.jpg
  9. OOOoohhh now I need Zoya Cola to go with my new-to-me Brandy Trophy (thank you super sweet hottie :winkiss:)

    And I LOVE that Prince Charming with your Taupe Ramone, Jenni! :tup:
  10. Wow - Lu - I love that polish color! It's on my wishlist fo sho!!

  11. So I did my nails a couple of days ago...I'm wearing Zoya Nikki. It's such a pretty neutral. Please excuse the messy cuticles/chips.

  12. Pretty!!
    I'm not loving the Amanda in the daylight as much as I did last night. It's definitely a little muddy-peach (like my grandmother's girdle LOL). I need a better cream nude. But the Nikki looks perfect with your skin tone, JC! What HH bag would it go with?
  13. hmm... moonbeam would prob clash with that pink. how about oyster??
  14. my zoya order came! haha i think i went overkill on the glitter/shimmers. going to try to find one that matches a HH item I have but i'm still loving the red right now. :biggrin:
  15. JC - that is a a great colour. IF my nails looked that good I'd be ecstatic.