Hayden Harnett help with accesories!

  1. Ok, you know how easy it is to obsess over the little things?? Well, I just ordered the Tuileries wallett from HH in PLum. I thought it would be a fun punch of color and go with the colors I have now, black, gunmetal, neutral, etc. Anyway, I really need a cosmetic case, so I want to get their carryall too. I can't decide, and this is where I need help, if I should get that in plum as well, or go with black. I know I will carry the carryall longer than the wallet, so I am not sure what to do. I know it seems silly but I want to make the right choice the first time, as I do not want to have to return it. Ok, ladies???:woohoo:
  2. I like colorful accessories, so would go with the plum. I have the HH carryall in plum and love it! Not only is it a beautiful color, but it's easy to find in my larger bags, where a black bag would just kind of blend with the background. And the soft leather is so extraordinary I could just take it out and stroke it if I didn't think people would think me very weird for doing so. :smile: But of course the black leather would be just as lovely, so ultimately it all comes down to what do YOU think you would like better?
  3. I do love the plum, so glad to hear you love yours too! Thank you for taking the time to reply!!:idea: