Hayden Harnett Help! Mercer, Havana or Sonia?

  1. I bought a Lorca in eggplant yesterday at the store in Brooklyn and I am now tempted to purchase another bag before the sale ends. I'm looking for a good day bag that's medium-large, but not tooo big. I can't decide between the Mercer 3C, Havana hobo or Sonia. Which has the most compartments/pockets? I didn't check them all out adequately the other days since my eyes were set on that Lorca. Thanks in advance!!
  2. I would go for the Sonia! It has the size you're looking for and is beautiful! Check the 'HH President's Sale' thread... another tPFer posted pics of hers and it is really really pretty!
  3. medium large?

    i would go for the mercer

    it has three different compartments and isn't too big of a bag
  4. Ooh... a lorca in eggplant? How much was it at the store? I am working in Brooklyn now and debating taking a trip to the store!

    I would vote for the Havana Hobo. I have one and its truly my perfect every day bag. It is more towards the large end of "medium/large", but it is very smooshy and doesn't look huge when its not filled. It fits my "stuff" (wallet, keys ipod), a book to read on the subway, and my lunch for the day as well as a few extras. There are two outside pockets, and a couple of inside pockets so that the small stuff doesn't get lost.

    I had a mercer 3C last summer and I returned it. It was just too small and inconvenient for an every day bag. I don't think I would consider it 'medium/large" - closer to medium. It did have a lot of compartments, but at least for me, none of the compartments were big enough to be useful. I couldn't even fit a book in to read during my commute - so for me that was a deal breaker! Also, I didn't like the way the straps sat on my shoulder, it just didn't feel right.

    I have never seen a Sonia IRL, but I do like the looks of it!
  5. This is really helpful, thank you!

    All the bags in-store are 50% off. The Lorca came out to around $160 with tax, if I remember correctly. Take a trip out there, if you get a chance. The sale is until the 24th in-store, they told me. I live just up the street, so I'm considering going in tomorrow again! Addiction!

    Question about the Havana- I see that it's slouchy, but do you think it could fit a standard 8.5 x 11 notebook inside, or is it not tall enough?

    Thanks again!
  6. I love them all, but would vote for the Havana. I think it's such a great bag!
  7. I would go for the Mercer =)
  8. I would definitely fit the notebook, I have used it as a work bag to take to meetings with files and as a school bag for grad school last semester with notebooks/folders. If you want - I will take a picture of mine tonight with a notebook inside and post it.
  9. ^^ any favorite colors in the Mercer?
  10. Thank you- that would be so helpful! It's the inside that I'm not clear about, size-wise, but your description sounds like it would be perfect!

    In reality, I want them all, but my wallet will start to weep.:smile:
  11. Thanks for the tip- I checked out those pics, and the Sonia is beautiful. I love the white, too, but I am too clumsy for a light-colored bag. I'll check out the other colors, though.
  12. I liked the look of the red one IRL.
  13. Did you notice if there were any Thalias in the store? I'm now obsessed with looking for that bag in Chalk after I missed it on sale!

    I just bought a Havana in eggplant and I really can't wait til I get my hands on it. I just love the style of that bag.
  14. I didn't see any Thalias, but I also didn't do a thorough looking-through. I'll check tomorrow if I head back. I'm considering the Havana in eggplant, too! The practical side of me says to get the black because I don't have a good black day bag, but the eggplant is so gorgeous. I got the Lorca in that color and it's really stunning.
  15. I like the Sonia! It's got the looks of the Mercer, but the size of the Havana.