Hayden Harnett Havana Hobo

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  1. I'm looking for the gal that just purchased a Hayden Harnett large Havana Hobo. I can't find the thread that her post was in, but I wanted to see if she or anyone else could tell me how they like it? In particular the double flap looks really deep and i wanted to know if this made it hard to see into the bag or to be able to find things in the bag and also does it seem to be too heavy when full?

    Thanks so much for anyone that can answer these questions. I had never heard of HH before until I read the post and checked them out and their bags are really awesome looking and so affordable! I'm diggin the Mulberry one.
  2. Here is a picture of the bag.

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  3. I purchased the Havana hobo in black but returned it as I felt it was too slouchy. I really loved the bag--the detailing was incredible for the price and it was super light-weight. The problem was it was so slouchy that when I loaded my stuff the bag got all weird shaped. I tried everything from stuffing tissue in the bottom to adding extra items like a larger cosmetic case, etc., but the bag still didn't hang right. It might be that I just don't carry enough for a slouchy bag that size.

    As for your questions--the bag is pretty deep but the flap opens wide enough that I don't think you'd have trouble accessing your stuff. And since the bag itself is so light (the leather is thin and very supple) I don't think you'd have a problem with it being too heavy.

    I really think these are great bags--they just didn't work for me. By the way Luna Boston has a couple of different styles that are not on the Hayden Harnett site. You might want to check out these styles as well...
  4. GRRRRRRRRRRRR You people are evil! Now I want one!
  5. Your post could have been written by me...word for word. I got my Havana Hobo on Wednesday...I put a wallet, a cosmetic case and a sunglass case....and it hung really funky. I couldn't get it to sit right...and I thought it looked sloppy on me. Also, to me, the leather seemed very thin...and almost spongy like. I truly was not impressed with this bag at all.

    I was so bummed....I was really looking forward to the black Kooba Claudia and the black Havana that both came in the same box that day. If you all remember...I have been having some doubts about the Claudia bag...but when I saw that I could get it for 20% off, no tax or shipping I jumped on it. I had purchased one already, but it still has the tags on, so I was going to return that when I got the sale one....but I think I am going to take both of them back. I know, I know, I am a lunatic...but I just can't get past the biker chic feeling when I am trying on the Claudia. :sad:

    HOWEVER...I did find two bags (plus an extra add on for fun) that I actually absolutely LOVE on my trip to IL this weekend. YAYAYAYAY!! My friend and I went shopping on the Magnificent Mile...and had a blast! She purchased a Gucci full leather monogram....it's beautiful. :love:

    I'll post pics of what I got in a new thread...although I will tell you now, none of them are Gucci! :P
  6. Valeireb & bjara thanks for your input! It's ood to know from someone who has actually seen the bag in person and tried it on. Their bags do look amazing though and what a great price! don't usually just totaly fall in love with a purse look like I did with this one. I"m incouraged that it wasn't too heavy and that it was very easy to see inside of since that was what I was most worried about, but it looking or haniging wierd when filled bums me out. I really loved the look, color and size, but I would put a ton of stuff in there so it would probably be mishaped.
  7. Most likely...and because it is a thinner leather, you can see where the corner of say your wallet is if it had more than just a couple things in it.
  8. I wanted this bag for months and months and had been talking to the designer about it and asking loads of questions about it. But ended up not to get it because it's way too big for me (I am small) and figured I'd have to put loads of stuff to make it filled up like all you said.
  9. I recently bought the HH Havana Hobo in Mulberry (I also bought the Tokyo) and love it. Wore it for the first time this weekend and got several compliments.

    The leather is very soft and thin so I totally see what you mean about the fact it could show items through it. I found that a little bit but it didn't bother me because its a slouchy, unstructured bag. I love the color, feel, look and price (got it for 25% through LunaBoston).

    Here was the review I posted on another forum. I am having problems adding the pictures, think my pop-up blocker is prohibiting me from doing that, sorry!

    My first reaction was the same as with the HH Tokyo I got "Wow, this is a nice quality made bag." The leather is soo buttery soft. This is what stood out most to me, how nice the leather feels.

    I got the Havana in mulberry. The first picture link (to the HH site) is an accurate pic of the color. I think its a good year around color (esp since its more subued than I expect). IIRC this color is part of their Spring 2006 line. I think this bag would look sharp in chocolate too, black might obscure the detailing.

    This is a daytime, every day bag IMO. The shape is nice. It will definitely hold a lot of stuff but slouches well so doesn't look bulky. There is a zipped front compartment that is covered by the flap and a pocket on the back (with a magnent closure). The inside has a pretty colorful flower satin lining (see pic below) and has a zipped compartment and two open pockets in the front. My flip cell phone fits in one of them nicely.

    As with the Toyko, no detail overlooked. The bag is put together very well, the stitching is nice and there is nice metal details. The tassle is detachable. On the metal details there is a small " h h" detail, it doesn't stand out (like a logo bag or something) it just adds a classy finished look.

    Here are some pics. Some I took from sites cuz they got a more accurate picture than I was able to.
  10. I like it! :biggrin:
  11. According to the description on the HH website, it's big enough to fit a change of clothes and an extra pair of shoes. So yes, I'd picture a pretty darn big bag. I just pre-ordered the Mercer satchel from them in the luggage color--yes, I've given up on the Darel--and they seem like very nice folks (answered some e-mail questions I had).
  12. I am contemplating the same move. The HH ships March 16th? Is that right? Someone on here posted a pic of the Mercer satchel and it looks really nice.