Hayden Harnett Havana Hobo or Inka Hobo...Which is hotter?

  1. Bought both, can only keep one! Please bestow your much valued opinions on me ladies!
    I got both in white but can only keep one. Sorry about the pics..couldnt find a pic of the Inka in white...it will be about 10 days or so till I receive the bags.

    Your thoughts are appreciated!

    *I like the clip on the Inka...but I also like the simplicity of the Havana. I REFUSE to keep both...I have bags coming out of the woodwork!
    29f9_1.JPG inka_blk_med.jpeg
  2. Really really hard call. They're so similar. I guess it comes down to what you paid for each? Whatever's a better deal, keep!

    Which are you leaning towards more? They both have their assets. Love the hardware on the inka - but I love the simple style of the havana. Hard choice!
  3. I recommend that you meet the bags in person before deciding. I looove my Havana, but have never seen an Inka up close, so it's hard to say which I prefer. Try them on, see which one suits you best, and go from there!
  4. I was going to get the Inka but couldn't decide if the clip would be annoying or not. I went with the Havana. I have a BR bag similar to it, and it's easy to get into and looks sooo nice!
  5. If size matters, the Havana is huge - although it does drape nicely. If you filled the Havana to what it can hold, it would be uncomfortable to carry.

    The Inka is a perfect size, I NEVER use the clip, and that's that. The ring is heavy enough to keep the top of the bag closed, and easy to sling over and back to open the bag.

    For those prices, Foxi, though - I'd keep both. They serve different functions, really. - OR - well, just keep one. You probaby wouldn't make much on e-Bay for either, as there seems to be a glut of HH bags on e-Bay right now. If you can store both, keep them for a rainy day or until they become more rare... OR people know about them. I think that's why they aren't selling on e-Bay real well just yet - they aren't too mainstream yet...
  6. Foxi
    You really make me laugh with your collection (the photo of your inventory that you posted a few days ago etc.)

    Do you have a thread of your personal collection (the ones that you use?). Do you have many white purses? How do these bags fit in with what your already have???

    Also - I'm assuming that you got them in the latest sale - so at that price - could they replace a purse that you already have that you could resell?

    Hope this mail doesn't sound 'weird' - I do sincerely get a kick out of your writing style and your purchasing antics.
  7. First choice for me is the Inka but I like the Havana also and tried to buy it from the sale but I was too late.
  8. Foxi! If you're not keeping Inka in white, let me know! For that price from HH, I'm sorely tempted to buy, I didn't catch it before it was all bought up on the site.
  9. I like the havana better!
  10. FWIW, I ordered both the Inka and Havana hobo in white, but I cancelled the Havana. I'm petite (5'), and I'm fairly convinced that the Havana in white would just look like a big white sack to my eyes (i.e. too large an expanse of white). The Havana hobo in saddle, OTOH, would be more acceptable to me since that's more of a "luggage" color, if that makes any sense. Alas, I dithered too long and missed out on the saddle Havana. :sad:
  11. Foxi, I can't decide, just like you can't! I think if maybe you update this thread with pics of both bags when you receive them, then more of us will have a better idea. Right now, my gut says Havana, but then I read how others said it was huge, so then I switch sides to the Inca. lol
  12. Why do you refuse to keep both? At that price that you bought them in, you can't even get 1 bag for both bag prices combined! Not to mention I think they are different styles. Havana is a bit classier and Inka is more casual in my opinion. Just try on both and decide afterwards.
    Too bad you didn't get the Inka in Saddle otherwise I would have helped you get rid of it LOL :graucho:
  13. I like the Havana, seems simpler.
  14. I have to vote Havana, because I have one on it's way to me now. :tup:
  15. havana for sure i saw them both @ the store today and the inka is way too boxy for me personally,, i love the slouch of the havana , i had ordered the inka 1st and then changed it to the havana cause i wasnt feeling the shape of the inka,,