Hayden-Harnett havana hobo - opinions please!

  1. Anyone got this bag- if so what do you think? any opinions or similar bags anyone can recommend. What is the leather like and the general quality of the Hayden-harnett bags? I'm in the Uk so no chance to look at it IRL! I just love the shape and the pockets!

    Thanks in advance!

  2. I have 3 HH bags and the quality is excellent. I have the Hudson hobo, plus two others, and I love the quality and practicality of all. You will not be disappointed.
  3. the following particular bag is the very bag in my I WISH list. so i say go for it you lucky dog ;) lol
    Hayden Harnett Havana Hobo wTassel in Colbalt 398.jpg
  4. I have the Havana hobo in chalk and believe me, it will exceed your expectations. The leather is super soft and they pay so much attention to detail, I was shocked. Every time I looked at the bag, I found a new surprise.

    If you can wait till they have a sale you can get it for a really good price. I think I got mine for $300. Waiting for another sale to get the Luxe!
  5. I like it a lot! What color are you thinking of getting it in?
    The only thing that concerns me is the size. It's looks HUGE. I'd say get it if you're sure you like really large bags!
  6. I believe I've seen a few posts on here about problems with Francesco Biasia.....like the hardware tarnishing and lining coming unstitched, so do a search.
    I prefer the Hayden Hartnett one a lot more!
  7. I love the Havana Hobo! I have one in Chalk and one in the yellow color and they are wonderful bags. Outstanding quality leather, great detailing, tons of pockets -- it's right up there with the Botkier Stirrup for me regarding ease of use. It's not all that big, either, it's a pretty good everyday size. The Nico hobo is really big - at 5'0" I'm way too short for it - but the Havana is fine for my height. I also like the looks of the Inka, which is smaller, but the front latch is sort of a pain. I got both of my Havanas with discounts - one was from the online HH sample sale and the other was with some sort of on-line coupon. I think you can find good deals on these.
  8. I have one Biasia and though it looked great in the picture, it just didn't do anything for me IRL. The quality if fine, but the HH bags just blew me away. I carry the Hudson hobo the most by far, and I love it more everytime I carry it. It is just the perfect bag in every way. Really, I can't find anything I don't love about the HH bags I have. There's just nothing not to like.
  9. Wiggligirl:
    How do you care for your chalk Havana? I still am too afraid to take it out! Don't want it to get stained. Did you pretreat it?
  10. I agree with Crystalina! Also want to know the color you are looking at.
  11. I was thinking either the plum or the chocolate colour.