Hayden Harnett Havana Hobo in Chalk...cleaning?

  1. I bought this a month ago during their sale, and love it! I treated it with a scotchguard stain protector and it worked out fine - didn't change the color at all. But it has gotten dirty, and I tried to use the white eraser (as they suggest on their website), but it only works on small spots, not the general dirtiness that white bags get from daily wear...

    So now that a bunch of you all have this bag and are using it, have you found any tricks to keeping it clean? I try to never put it down on the floor or anything, but even rubbing against my clothing can transfer some color to it...

  2. I haven't carried mine enough to get it dirty, but I have lovinmybags' pro treatment and plan to treat it this weekend so I can start carrying the bag more often. You might check out their products at lovinmybags.com - a lot of us here have used the pro treatment successfully; they originally designed their products for Balenciaga bags, so it's pretty good stuff. If you order, there is a discount code you can use of "PF" that gets you 10% off.
  3. I have the Lorca in Chalk and I absolutely love it. I used the lovinmybags.com pro treatment and when it's gets dirty I use their cleaner. I have been so happy with the results.
  4. I'd like to know myself - I only used the bag for about 2 weeks and now the side of the bag that rubbed againt my body when I carried it is dirty - I don't believe it's dye from clothing (I don't wear jeans and haven't really worn anything that would transfer color) - it pretty much just looks dirty in spots. There are also a couple of smudges on the flap - I guess from opening & closing the bag (perhaps I had makeup, lotion, sweaty fingers, etc when I went inside my bag).

    I'm trying not to be too upset since I got the bag at such a great price, but this is the reason I don't ever buy white bags (this is actually my first one) - I did treat the bag before I carried it, but that only semed to prevent water spots, scuffs and/or scratches - it didn't really help keep it clean.

    What type of eraser are you referring to? I have a suede eraser that I use inside my MJ & Gryson bags, but I'd be afraid to use it on the Havana since the leather's so soft with a matted finish (not smooth or glossy).
  5. Thanks for the advice - I'm going to look at the lovinmybags website.

    The eraser they recommend is a plain Magic Rub eraser (that you'd use for pencil) that you can buy at target or staples or wherever. It works for spots, but I'm afraid to rub too hard - afraid I'll damage the leather...ah, white bags, why do you tempt me so?? ;)
  6. i wore a black tshirt with the chalk bag and now the bag is black. don't know what to do.
  7. I have to tell you all again how impressed I have been with the lovinmybags products. I have been using my Lorca in chalk everyday for probably the past month...straight. Like I said before, I used the lovinmybags pro treatment prior to ever using it, and now I use their cleaner once a week (roughly) when I get ink transfer from my clothing or dirty spots. I have been soooo happy with the results.
  8. I got transfer from my jeans all over the back of my white (chalk) Inka over the weekend... I was so upset!! I tried using the apple guarde cleaner - and that got about 90% of the blue marks off. There are a few left, but they are very faded. I'm going to try using the a Magic Rub erasor on the rest of it and I'll let you know how it goes.
  9. This is good for me to know. I just orderd the same bag last night. I will order the luvingmybags stuff but I want to wait until I receive the bag... just in case HH suddenly runs out of the bags and I never get it.

    This is my very first white bag also. Will be an interesting experience! But, for $80, a fun one :yes:
  10. i have also noticed that that the white eraser doesn't work to get out "general dirty-ness" of the Chalk Havana (though it does work for the same problem with my Saddle HH). i may be rubbing too hard, but it also kind of messes up the leather texture.

    i will have to get the lovinmybags based on your reviews - i had sworn off liquid cleaners after striking out with AppleGuard... but maybe round 2 is merited!
  11. I've cleaned up my Kooba ivory bags with LMB very very nicely. The only thing that has trouble is dye transfer...but everything else has been wonderful. I totally vouch for the wonderfulness of LMB! :tup:
  12. After reading this thread, I'm glad my order did not go through for this bag. While it was a great price and a sexy looking bag, it seems that it's too high maintance for me. Oh well. A white bag does look hot. :yes:
  13. wow, i couldn't believe how much ink the saddle lorca picked up over the weekend, glad i didnt bother with the chalk.
  14. The same thing happened to me when I wore a black tank top & dark jeans with my chalk havana hobo. I used the lovinmybags luxury cleaner plus and I got about 98% of it off. I had applied the protreatment before I used the bag so I don't know if that made a difference or not.

    Good luck with it!
  15. Does anyone know how LMB compares to Coach leather care products? I've only used Coach products on Coach leather, but now I'm unsure if I should put it on HH...