Hayden Harnett Havana hobo - cracks in the leather strap :(

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  1. I bought my HH Havana hobo in mulberry a few months ago but just recently pulled it out to use it. I've wore it about 4x and this morning I noticed there are cracks (straight breaks) in the leather on the strap! The cracks are along the entire length of the strap on the outer edge.

    I am so bummed and nervous that the breaks will become large (and much more noticeable) if I continue to carry it.

    Any advice?

    I purchased it from LunaBoston and already sent them an email about it. I am worried its not a fluke (like I got a dud) and just a problem with the bag. I hope not, I love the bag - the color, the soft leather, pretty lining, shape, etc. (BTW, its not really a big bag for those that have been concerned about that).
  2. the only thing i can think of that it might be (if it's not just a defect with the entire line of bags) is that you might have stored it in a really dry place. like if it's in your closet on the top shelf and you have a dehumidifier in your bedroom or something. hope everything turns out ok!
  3. I have to tell you that earlier I noted on this site that I purchased a Mulberry Dorca flap directly from HH. The minute I took it out, the turnlock closure broke off. i sent in directly back via registered mail. I could rarely reach anyone by phone there, didn't respond to my emails, etc. THe bag was sent to their local PO because no one was there to receive it???!!! I finally filed a claim with my bank card because I wanted a credit. They had then deducted their ORIGiNAL shipping charge from my credit. IT WAS DEFECTIVE!! Hello!!!

    Anyway, I just considered myself lucky to get back anything at all. THen, of all things, last week I got the back back because no one ever picked it up from their PO. Upon further inspection, I realized that this bag was very cheaply made from the zippers to the handles to the hardware. Please be careful with this!!
  4. LOL I purchased my mulberry hobo from LB 4 weeks ago as well. just checked the strap and it's perfect. BTW-i have used mine every day since it arrived in rain , snow , etc and it has stood up beautifully. Maybe it's a random defect or like amanda said dry storage.
    Good Luck-hope you get it resolved.
  5. I did store it in my closet but wouldn't say its a dry location.

    I will contact HH directly and see what they say. I already emailed LB and haven't gotten any response :sad2:

    I've continued to use it and the cracks haven't gotten worse so that's cool!

    I love the bag and disagree with the other poster who said HH bags aren't made well.
  6. HH already responded to my email and will exchange the bag for me :biggrin:

    "Oh....I’m so sorry. The Mulberry leather is so soft/stretchy that we have indeed had some problems with this issue.

    We are currently sold out of the Mulberry HAVANA hobo (very popular style!), but we have a new shipment arriving on 4/15, which is in a new type of leather that is more durable (color is the same).

    I would be very happy to exchange the bag for you at that time....we stand behind our product and will always repair/replace whenever possible.

    Please send me your shipping address and I will note in our system to contact you when the new HAVANA hobos in Mulberry arrive."
  7. I'm waiting for my satchel in Chalk and I am really glad to hear that they are standing behind the product! I bet that takes a load off your mind.
  8. well great! i'm always willing to work with a company that will give you service like that, even if their products aren't always perfect.
  9. I'm glad you guys are having better luck than I did. All I can tell you is my own experience. I look forward to seeing what happens in the future. They did tell me they recently switched manufacturers, and they are happier. My question is why did they sell the bad ones in the first place?
  10. Maybe they didn't realize it until the bags had already gone out? :sad: