Hayden Harnett Havana Hobo - chalk or cobalt?

  1. I'm trying to decide between these two colors. I haven't seen either in real life. I really like the idea of a cobalt bag, but the chalk looks very luxe with the gold hardware. I am also unsure of the white stitching on the cobalt, but worried that chalk will be hard to keep clean.

    Also, is the cobalt a true cobalt blue or more like a navy? I already have a navy Minkoff MA mini bag... is it too close in color?

  2. shop, the chalk is very very classy. The satin lining makes it even more of a delight. It's not a true white, so it doesn't seem to attract dirt like white would.

    The cobalt is - cobalt. Not navy at all. It's a wonderful deep blue - I wish I could describe it better, but I can tell you for sure it's NOT navy. It's not blue blue. It's .... eh .... cobalt. Maybe a RICH RICH RICH blue. I hope GlamaRuth will come along and answer this better, she's a primo wordsmith when it comes to this sort of thing - The stitching isn't white, but more cream/off-white - it really adds to the bag and makes the details all tie together nicely. I had to get my cobalt Inka out to see what you were talking about - it doesn't detract at all.
  3. ack! This makes the decision all the more harder. It sounds like I can't really go wrong with either. :smile:

    Which would you choose between chalk and cobalt?
  4. Cobalt!!

    This color is absolutely gorgeous irl. I agree that it is a very rich, vibrant blue and not at all similar to navy. I think it is much more unique and special than the Chalk color and will look really good year-round. Also, the dark stitching on the Chalk kind of bothers me. I have read that some people find it difficult to keep the white completely clean. You won't have to worry about that with the Cobalt!
  5. Can't go wrong with either one!
  6. Ah, but you see - I have both. I have the Havana Hobo in chalk, and the Inka in cobalt. But for a first bag - maybe the cobalt color?
  7. I haven't seen either the cobalt or chalk leather IRL, but it looks like the chalk Havana, judging from the HH site and comments on tPF, is sold out - so that might make your decision easier! Although you could always troll eBay. I think the cobalt is a more versatile choice anyhow - easier to keep clean, and more of a year-round color. I do have a cobalt dress (the Lunch trench) from HH, and it is not, shall we say, a shy blue. It doesn't make your eyes vibrate like ultramarine, but it is intense yet deep (though ages away from navy). If you have a set of pastels or oil paints, you can get a sense of the depth of the color. It has layered tones - shades of deep violet but not reddish tones. Google the term "yves klein blue" and see if you come up with any swatches - that's the color of HH's cobalt. I find it is a pretty universally flattering color, and in an accessory will be quite striking. Looks fabulous against black (a very modern combo), caramel, charcoal, apple green, eggplant, ochre (or iznik yellow!). You will definitely get compliments on your bag and color choice!
  8. Go with cobalt. I have a chalk bag (INKA) and it is impossible to keep clean... it just absorbs the dirt and the blue from my jeans has transferred to the bag more times than I can count... luckily I have been able to get it off but I have flattened the pebbling out of the leather in that area from all my wiping and scrubbing. :sad:
  9. One more note - on the contrast stitching (dark on the chalk, light on the cobalt). Just think of it as underlining, a way of drawing the eye to the details! Tone-on-tone stitiching would give the color a flatter look.
  10. Personally I say go for cobalt first becaue I think HH really captures colors beautifully and for that price..I think it is a good deal..compared to others in the market out here...
  11. I love the gold contrast stitching on the chalk, it's quite subtle and beautiful. However, if I had to choose one I would get the cobalt because it's such a gorgeous year-round color -- deep cobalt with a hint of purple -- really deep and rich without being too bright.
  12. I have the HH in Chalk - honestly, it wouldn't have been my first choice in color, but I got it during the 4th of July sale (I was so mad to find it even cheaper during their recent clearance, as well as the luggage color!!) Anyhow - I really luv the bag, BUT.... it does tend to get dirty fast. I take very good care of my bags - never place them on the floor, am cautious when I carry them, never wear them w/jeans, etc. I've only been using the bag for about 2 weeks and I did treat the bag before I started using it, and all along the side of the bag that rubs against my hip when I carry the bag is all dirty. I haven't really worn anything w/heavy dyes, so I doubt that's dye from my clothing - I just think it's "dirty" from rubbing against me, and wearing down (the other side of the bag is fine). I've also noticed a few small spots here & there - whether it was residue from lotion, makeup or whatever from my fingers - on the flap (from opening the bag), there are some small smudges.

    Normally, I would go all anal at the first mark (and I did get a little upset!), but because I got the bag for such a good price, I decided to be a little less worrisome with this bag and allow it to look "worn." I don't have any intention of reselling it, so it's mine forever and I can live with it looking like I've used it.

    As for the bag itself - I really really love it. If I ever have the chance to buy another one in another color, at a bargain price, I'd probably take advantage of it. The silk lining is so stunning, and the leather is heavenly. you also have to get the big fluffy tassel that comes with it - it really adds to the bag!!.

    If you don't mind a little normal wear & tear, i say go for the chalk - the combination of hardware & silk lining is like no other bag I've ever seen. But if you're paranoid about getting it dirty - go with the cobalt. I'm sure you're gonna luv either one!
  13. Just out of curiousity - they still have the chalk havana hobo for sale?

    I guess if you have the blue RM MA bag, then you should get a chalk havana - the cobalt and the navy are not the same colour - the cobalt is a richer, brighter blue - it would not be confused with navy
  14. I ordered the chalk and *thought* it shipped, and was considering trading another girl for her cobalt. I'm not sure mine is going to ship anymore, so cobalt might be my only choice of the two anyway. :smile: