Hayden-Harnett Havana Chalk Hobo $80.00 BACK IN STOCK!

  1. I checked the website and the Havana in Chalk is back in stock for 79.60!
  2. Thanks! I got two of em!
  3. LOL, and a saddle lorca, a triple strap in currant, and another Havana. :nuts:
  4. it's showing as $180, not $80
  5. I just checked and the price is up to $180. :shrugs: Still a great deal but not as good as $80! What a short sale. . .
  6. ^Try to go through the link here that is posted in the Get It While It's Hot - Hayden-Harnett thread.
  7. That worked! i just got one!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    now, let's just hope they don't email me AGAIN & tell me there out of stock!
  8. Yeah, it goes back and forth between the 180 and 80..go through the get it while its hot link and refresh the page if it still shows up at 180
  9. Ankorchick~ thanks for the heads up!
  10. Yeah, another for my collection! I got it for $79.60 + $8.00 for the tassel and free shipping. Thanks for the heads up ankorchick :tup:
  11. thank you! amazing deal!
  12. it worked!:tup:
  13. Great deal! I wish that I could be as excited...Please, any color other than chalk. I just can't do white handbags...so I'm watching and hoping. Enjoy ladies!
  14. Did you notice the new disclaimers? No return for any reason.
  15. I bought it. A big thank you from Singapore