hayden harnett handbags

  1. i am not familiar with the designer, but i have found a bag that i like and i am having a hard time justifying the price for something not well known to me. so, i thought i would ask for tPFers what you think of hayden harnett handbags.

    what's so special about these handbags?
  2. Beautiful leather and beautifully made. Nice detailing and lots of pockets. I just love all of mine to bits.
  3. I am beginning to really notice the beauty of these bags......I still need a Kooba, though.........
  4. I just got my first one last week. Beautiful design and excellent workmanship.
  5. Very nice bags. I have been hearing that name mentioned a lot more recently.
  6. i'm getting a HH next week...have only heard excellent things about craftsmanship, etc...i'm getting the mercer bag with three compartments...
    : )
  7. Wonderful- totally worth the money. After four months of hard (everyday) wear the leather still looks great and, even better, still smells amazing. Seriously- worth every bit of what they are sold for (and totally awesome deal when on sale). Take a chance, you won't be sorry :smile:
  8. And the people behind the brand are great, too. They're active on the fashion web community! One can really feel on a personal level with them. I know that sounds crazy. :-P
  9. i think there's a sample sale both online and in store starting tomorrow (tuesday US time) for 2 days. check the Deals and Steals forum, there's a thread about it. HTH~ ;)
  10. I just purchased the Salina from Anthropologie for only $99.00 and it is the most beautiful bag I have ever seen, and exactly what I wanted. The leather is so supple and lightweight and the bag is trendy but the perfect size. I am a new Hayden-Harnett lover