Hayden Harnett Gaza Large Satchel - Canvas

  1. Your thoughts on this bag? I'm really digging the one in the teal denim/whisky, but is $200+ too much to pay for a canvas bag? Has anyone seen this one IRL? I'm wondering how "teal" the denim really is. On the HH website, it looks like a true denim, but on the Anthropologie website it looks pretty teal.

    I love these bags for all the pockets...me thinks it will make the perfect diaper bag. Nowadays, I'm using my nice leather purses (HH Nico, Not Rational Hansel) for dipe bags, but I need something that I can throw around a little more than my leather purses. What do you think?

    Here are the pictures from the HH website and from the Anthropologie website:
    11805450821088014303.jpg 740703_tel_frt.jpg
  2. I really like it! Only thing I'd worried about is any colour tansfer onto clothing if you wear alot of light coloured clothes!
    All those pockets look v handy for a diaper bag.
  3. It is a beautiful bag - I know HH has a good return policy, if you didn't like the color after all - I don't know about the other place.

    I'd send HH's CS an email asking about color transfer possibilities - they should have an answer for that...:tup:
  4. I really like that bag too! I would love to order it sometime. I think it would make a GREAT diaper bag! You can call HH and ask them about the color...they are pretty helpful.
  5. Just check the shoulder straps. They look a little short to me for a diaper bag.
  6. Hi Michelle--not sure if you saw this--the satchel is now on sale for $149.95 on Anthropologie's website!
  7. NO WAY! Cool...thanks so much for posting...I didn't know. Ok...off to buy it! :tup:
  8. I have this satchel in leather and it's definitely one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy yours!
  9. HH is having a huge sale right now- check out the link in deals and steals section, plus someone posted a thread about a code for free shipping.

    i am so tempted to purchase this bag as well, for those rare times i travel!!