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  1. As a good portion of you know, Hayden-Harnett is an up-and-coming designing team based out of NYC, established in 2005. They make beautiful handbags and accessories out of the most divine leather. The handbags are well-made, the craftsmanship is excellent, the designs are well thought-out and classy. The detail is superb. They do not cost an arm and a leg (in fact, one of their points is that it's extremely possible to have a first-class handbag at a decent price, and they've gone on to prove it!) Their customer service is excellent (I haven't experienced anything else - some here have).

    For me personally, I have comments from my co-workers and friends along the lines of "oh how classy - that bag just screams money" at which point I tell them ... nunya, or 'none of your business'. I haven't had reactions like that from people before, even for the Coaches I've carried.

    Based on the overwhelming immediate love that HH customers feel for their products, and the number of threads here about Hayden-Harnett (I finally had to quit subscribing to them and just follow them as they come up - last count of SUBSCRIBED threads was over 20, and that was several weeks ago), I would like to request that tPF consider a forum for them.

    Thank you very much.
  2. I concur and agree wholeheartedly....a forum would be fantastic!
  3. I completely agree that there should be an HH Forum...please!
  4. Another yes vote here.
  5. thanks for setting up this request! i'd LOVE an HH forum!
  6. I would really like to see an HH forum.
  7. You read my mind. I am completely in love with this company and their bags. The customer service is top notch and I would really like a single place to read and post about the amazing leather and style and thoughtful design, the great location of pockets, you get the idea:yahoo:
  8. I'd love an HH forum! I'm waiting for my first HH to arrive in the mail!
  9. I agree with adding an HH forum:tup:
  10. Love HH! Bring it on!
  11. You bet!
    This "crazy bag" thing is a recent occurrance with me and I have been out there looking, touching, and carrying all sorts of bags and have come to the conclusion that HH bags are well thought out, organized, easy to use, leather, hardware, zippers are top notch - their bags are just GREAT - especially for their price point. Puts to shame other manufacturers that claim to be top notch - but compared to HH - they are NOT.
    Yeah for HH :yahoo:
  12. count me in!
  13. Forgot to ask - if you vote 'no', please let me know why. I do understand that since HH is 'new' compared to established designers, and we really don't know if their bags will hold up over time, some may be hesitant. So please, speak up. I'm learning every day I'm here, and you can help that process!
  14. i wouldn't mind a HH sub forum either!
    i love their stuff!
    i am just worried they are not as established as the other brands that has their own subforums..
  15. Absolutely YES!!!! LOVE HH!