Hayden Harnett for Target

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  1. Pardon me if this question has already been asked, but I did some researching myself and apparently Target has already released the HH line... except I went to the Target website to see if they had any, and I didn't see anything Hayden! Should I just go to the store or call them? Would they even know what I am talking about or was it just a limited release kind of a thing? Thanks!
  2. It was a limited time release so the stores won't have any. Your best bet to to try ebay or bonanzle. Is there a particular piece you're looking for? The bags pop up from time to time used.

    Also if you check the old school sale they have right now some leather bags are under $115
  3. Thanks guys! I knew it was prob limited. I kinda like Flight.
  4. There are wristlets on Bonanzle and a black hobo on ebay right now.